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2 Birds With 1 Stone Fishing Tournament Big Success

EDITOR'S NOTE: this letter was submitted by Angela Roach expressing her gratitude for everyone who made the second annual "2 Birds with 1 Stone" fishing tournament such a resounding success.


September 29, 2019 marked the 2nd year for the “2 Birds with 1 Stone” Tournament that is held at Black Lake. Angela Roach started this tournament in memory of her father in law, Chuck Roach.

This year the person it was in honor of was Steve Garrabrant who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma last year, who fishes in the Northern New York Bassmasters with Angela Roach, along with many of the anglers who fished at this tournament.

2018 I was very fortunate to have had 19 boats turn out for the first out year of the fishing tournament.

This year I was extremely blessed to have 36 boats.

Fourth place went to Ron Bracy and John Stevenson III at 17.83 pounds, third place went Kevin Dishaw at 10.83 pounds, Second Place went to Chris, Connor and Landon Roach at 18.2 pounds and First Place went to Michael Bell and Damian Trimm at 19.60 pounds.

This tournament was named after how Angela asked her Father-in- law, to walk her down the aisle to marry Chuck’s son Chris. Angela’s step father pasted away when she was 16 and Chuck never had a daughter.

“I asked Chuck if he wanted to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. His response was he would be honored.”

I thought this would keep his memory alive, his love of fishing, his love of Black Lake, as well as to help with the cost of this horrible disease. I would like to help an angler and keep it in the fishing community. I

f you have ever fished in this group or any sport group it does become like a family. Mostly when you learn that someone is going through an illness or a hard time due to the medical cost. So with this being said, I was thinking it of just raising money and passing it on, and then handing it over. I have then decided to not do this. I like to learn about the person who receives these donations.

This year for Steve, I personally reached out to the Major League of Fishing and Skeeter, who manufacturer his boat. Both were kind enough to send up gifts for Steve. Which was exactly what I wanted. Having supersizes for Steve was what I worked extremely hard on.

I also did my own gifts of photos, as his family support is what has helped his through this entire time.

I again would like to personally thank each and everyone who came out to help with my tournament which is so close to my heart. I strongly believe in the “Golden Rule”. The “2 Birds with 1 Stone” tournament will only continue with all of you. I do hope one day to have a Memorial there for Chuck that states his love of fishing. How he fished with the Federation Club, the Northern New York Bassmasters, and was a big influence on the Jr. Bassmasters, but I also I hope it states on the there to follow the “Golden Rule” where I get to smile, because it will be in reference to the “2 Birds with 1 Stone” tournament and I get to smile, because of all of this started with just a simple question.

Next year's tournament is already marked for

September 27, 2020 on Black Lake, so mark your calendars.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart,

The families of Steve Garrabrant and the late Chuck Coach were well represented at the second annual 2 Birdies With 1 Stone fishing tournament on Black Lake.

The first place team of Michael Bell and Damian Trimm receive their 2 Birds With 1 Stone Fishing Tournament First Place plaques fromTournament Director Angela Roach and Steve Garrabrant was honored at this year's tournament.

Jordan Davis receives his 2 Birds with I Stone Tournament Lunker Award from Angela Roach and Steve Garrabrant.

Jordan Davis with his 5.66 pound largemoth bass Lunker at the 2 Birds With 1 Stone Fishing Tournament.

Mike Bell and Damian Trimm took first place at the "2 Birds With 1 Stone" Fishing Tournament.

Chris, Connor and Landon Roach placed second in the "2 Birds With 1 Stone" Fishing Tournament.

Kevin Dishaw placed third in the "2 Birds With 1 Stone" Fishing Tournament.

Ron Bracy and John Stevenson III took fourth place in the "2 Birdies With 1 Stone" Fishing Tournament

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