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Angling Legend Dick Garlow Never Quit Fishing


The word legend is sometimes overused but not when it comes to Dick Garlock and the sport of tournament bass fishing in the North Country and beyond.

Garlock, 88, lifelong resident of Alexandria Bay, died Wednesday morning at his home.

He was a member of the Northern New York Bassmasters Club and teamed with Ogdensburg's Bob Marceau for many years.

"We fished together for 11 years. Someone gave him my number and said I knew a lot about fishing Waddington. We went to a tournament in Waddington and he won it," said Marceau.

"Dick fished a lot bigtime tours and I learned more from fishing with Dick in 11 years than I could learn in a lifetime."

He fished the NNY Bassmasters Team Trail and Federarted Club Tournament Trail right through the 2019 season and won Federated Club tournament this summer while operating on crutches because of a broken hip. He was renown for his lifelong love of fishing with spinnerbaits.

"Dick was a legend. He fished right to the end," said up and coming pro angler James Gibson of Ogcdensburg.

Dick was well known throughout the professional bass fishing ranks and Bassmaster Elite great Rick Clunn, who an elite tournament this summer at age 72, spoke of Dick at every weigh-in at the elite tournaments in Waddington.

"People sometimes ask me when I am going to retire. Well my friend Dick Garlow is well into his 80s and he is still fishing 40 tournaments a year. When he retires I'll retire." said Clunn.

Dick Garlow never retired and chances are Rick Clunn won't either.

According to his obituary Dick Garlow was also an avid duck hunter and a world class trap and skeet shooter, in his younger days.

He is survived by two sons, David and Matthew (Amiee) and three daughters, Jennifer Hebert

A celebration of life gathering will be held Saturday, October 19, from 1-4 pm at Bonnie Castle Resort, Alexandria Bay.

Bassmaster Magazine Editor Jay Kumar remembered Dick Garlock and his association with Bassmaster icon Roland Martin in an on-line article this week.

"Our friend and bass fishing legend Dick Garlock passed away this week, on Oct. 8, 2019, at 90 years young. He looked like he was 60. We're going to miss him fishing and working at our tournaments. Here's what Roland Martin said about Garlock on Facebook, "Dick was a great guy. I tried to call him a few days ago and left a message. I admired his tenacity more than anyone I've ever met. He was the toughest guy as far as external toughness. Cold weather, rain, rough water, he could handle all of those adversities better than anyone I've ever met. He was the hardest fishing, hardest working guy I've ever been with. He has just a wonderful time traveling, diving, and fishing tournaments. The main thing that keeps sticking out the me is his toughness and ability to remain to the point as a way to figure out what he needed to do. I always looked up to him and took my work ethic from him. I will certainly miss him a great deal. Going into winter, I will be thinking of him as he would sometimes spend the whole winter with me on Lake Okeechobee."

This photo of Dick Garlock with two big smallmouth bass was taken at a NNY Bassmasters Club Tournament by club photographer and club angler Angela J. Powell Roach.

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