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Besaw Rolls 603 In Oswegatchie League

Oswegatchie League:

Standings: WWV 36-24, Casey’s 34-26, Shady Brook Farms 33-27, Heuvelton Bowl 28-32, Stanton’s 25-35, Armstrong’s 24-36

Highlights:  Annette Besaw 226(603), Vicki Fishbeck 216(569), Winnie DeLorenzo 214(508), Donna Mills 205(524), Dawn Pike 204(511), Roberta Fifield 200(487), Cathy Leslie 192(547), Dawn Mills 177(493), Jamie Bush 176(490),  Beth Croteau 174(474), Coleen LaMere 174(466), Myrna Wells 174(457), Deb Perry 171(413), Mikayla Pike 170(457), Casey Caldwell 168(448), Nicole Ritchie 162, Lois Armstrong 157(449),Diane Limoges 157(431),  Tina James 153(415), Marlene McAllister 145, Lori Potter 142

Splits: Roberta Fifield 5-8-10, Beth Croteau 3-10, 9-10, Cathy Leslie 3-10, Annette Besaw 3-10, 2-7, Vicki Fishbeck 2-7, Marsha Ploof 3-10, Dawn Mills 5-7, Marlene McAllister 4-5, Jamie Bush 2-7, Coleen LaMere 3-10, Myrna Wells 3-10,

Results:  Heuvelton Bowl 3-Stanton’s 1, Armstrong’s 1-WWV 3, Casey’s 3-Shady Brook Farms 1

Schedule:  Casey’s vs WWV, Stanton’s vs Shady Brook Farms, Armstrong’s vs Heuvelton Bowl


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