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Coach Marcellus Expresses Sadness But Joy In Coaching Knights

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Hello everyone,

I am not sure how to best word this post, since it is a tough one. Our season has officially been canceled. It is not an easy decision for anyone to have to make, but the decision of the district is for the safety of our student athletes and the student body as a whole our varsity boys soccer season will not resume.

There were discussions between the superintendent, athletic director and myself. I didn;t feel comfortable with some things. I had asked about continuing practices. I got input from a few players and relayed my concerns, thoughts, and opinions. The decision was to pause the season and get input about any further decision. At 3 yesterday I was informed that the decision was made to cancel our season.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions ever since. Disappointment of our season coming to a close, frustration and anger for our seniors had to end their careers in this manner. Same for our returning players. The opportunities that won't be. It is no one persons fault that we are living in some crazy, uncertain, and scary times.

I feel for athletes everywhere that aren't able to play the sports they enjoy and the goals and lessons that might be missed. We always say take advantage of every opportunity because you never know when it could be taken from you. We lived that lesson over the last several months.

I am beyond proud of this group of young men for their tireless effort and commitment toward our goals over the last few years. Their accomplishments are remarkable. They have left their mark in many areas. Not just in our community but in others as well. There is a number of former players or colleagues of mine who I played in highschool against that have reached out to congratulate us on not just our accomplishments but to say that the brand of soccer we have accomplished is so very fun to watch. I am not sure you will ever know how many fans you had beyond the walls of Lisbon.

While I know I am hard on you guys and expect more every day. I can't express the joy I truly get after the game is over reflecting with Coach Geary on just how well you have played each and every game.

To the seniors: I can't express what you have meant to the program or myself as a coach. You are an unbelievably talented and hardworking group of young men. You have accomplished things in your career that might never be matched. Your varsity record the last 4 years is 42 wins 11 loses and 5 ties. There has been 28 shutouts. We have scored 167 goals and allowed 53 in that time.

In your last 40 games played you have 34 wins 4 loses and 2 ties. Which only includes 5 games played this year.

You are leaving some big shoes to fill for the underclassmen.

It has been truly an honor to coach Jayden Carr, Tyler Gravlin, Teagan Jordan, Jackson LaRock, Kaiden Mussen, Matt Robinson, and Greg Wood. You guys have been there since the beginning of my varsity coaching career and it will be very very different pacing the sidelines and not seeing you guys in the lineup. I wish you all the best of luck in all your future endeavors and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

To the underclassmen you have big big shoes and expectations to continue. Keep working we have to keep what was left to us going.

Always remember hard work beats talent when talent isn't working, but talent that works hard is real tough to beat. Which you guys proved everyday.

Stay Hungry and Stay Humble.


Coach Marcellus

Jayden Carr is one of six Lisbon seniors who had outstanding careers ended by complications from the pandemic. (Cassie LaRock Photo)

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