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Davis-Ciavaglia Prevail In NNY Bassmasters Club Tournament


Jordon Davis of Ogdensburg and John Ciavaglia of Hennrietta prevailed by .53 of pound in an extremely close finish in the 2020 Northern New York Bassmasters Championship Tournament. Both days of the tournament were staged out of Waddington on the St. Lawrence and Davis and Ciavaglia landed 42.71 pounds of total weight to edge Brad and Robert Paradis of Ogdensburg who finished at 42.18 pounds.

Ben Nightingale of Wintrhop and Randy Gravlin of Norfolk took third at 36.55 pounds and Jesse Spellicy of Gouverneur of Tyler Capella of Canton, who recently noted a regular season five-peat, placed fourth overall at 36.53.

Ed Moore provided a huge highlight landing a 6.77 pound smallmouth which earned Lunker of the Tournament and Lunker of the Season honors. It was also the third largest bass caught in club history.

All teams of the tournament performed like champions on the first day where the anglers were challenged by rain and heavy winds which turned the river into a churning sea of whitecaps.

"This weekend will be a weekend we will never forget. Lakelon was Daddy's cheer leader during our day two NNYB Championship Weekend Tournament," said Jordon Davis in a facebook post.

"John and I were able to execute our game plan to bring home a quality 21lb plus bag of smallies and bring home the big win. It was our third straight win on the NNYBT Trail."

The team of Paradis and Paradis led day one at 21.66 pounds followed by Davis and Ciavaglia at 21.18 pounds and Willy and Al Redmond who brought in 20.55 pounds of largemouth bass. Donnie Duprey and Brad Hill took fourth at 17.31 pounds and the team of John Robla and Stephen LaRose weighed in the Lunker of the day at 5.91 pounds.

"We fell just a bit short of the top prize and finished 2nd at the NNY Bassmasters Championship losing 1st by .53 lbs. We had a great weekend with 42.18 lbs after weighing in 20.52 lbs today so no complaints." said Brad Paradis on a facebook post. "Caught a beast today that rang the scale at 5.97 lbs......and as an added bonus caught dinner with a walleye that made my heart stop for a second thinking I had that other 4+ smallie we were searching for. Great way to wrap up the season."

John Ciavaglia and Jordon Davis with 4 smallies day one bag (Provided Photo)

Jordon Davis and John Ciavaglia with 4 smallies from day two bag. (Provided Photos)

Ed Moore with a massive 6.77 pound smallie which was the Lunker of Tournament-Season.

Brad and Robert Paradis led day one on rough seas and wind and took second overall.

The top four teams of the 2-day NNY Bassmasters Club Championship Tournament.

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