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Dawson's Meat Cutting Takes Coor's Lite Horseshoe lead

Scoring 17 of 18 possible points on the week Dawson's Meat Cutting crafted a five-point lead in the Coors Lite Ogdensburg Greenbelt Horseshoe League. Dawson's finished the week with an 89-85 lead over Ogdensburg Bowl in the league standings.

Ogdensburg Bowl also scored 17 points on the week heading into this week's action where the league will once again pitch on Tuesday and Thursday.

Standings: Dawson's Meat Cutting 89-19, Ogdensburg Bowl 84-24, Williams Classic Painting 82-26, S&H Electric 72-36, Reynolds Excavating 70-38, Gardner's Carpetys 56-52, Howland Pump 34-74, Nig's 30-78, Woody's Ringers 23-85.

July 16 Results: Gardner's 9- Woody's Ringers 0, Williams Classic Painting 9 - Nig's 0, S&H Electric 9 - bye 0, Ogdensburg Bowl 9 - Howland Pump 0, Dawson's Meat Cutting 9 - Reynolds Excavating 0.

July 18 Results: Reynolds Excavating 9 - bye 0, Dawson's 8 - Howland Pump 1, Ogd Bowl 8 - Woody's Ringers 1, S&H Electric 7 - Nig's 2, Williams' Classic Painting 5 - Gardner's Carpets 4.

Tuesday's Schedule: Williams vs Bowl, S&H vs Gardners, Reynolds vs Nig's, Woody's vs Dawson's, Howland vs bye.

Thursday: Dawson's vs Williams, Woody's vs bye, Nig's vs Howland, Reynolds vs Gardner,s, Bowl vs S&H.

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