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Delaware, Teen Titans Lead Youth Bowling Leagues

Senior League

Standings: Delaware Donkeys 51-17, University of Buffalo 46-22, Flackville Tech 39-29

Schedule: 1 Flackville Tech, 3 Delaware Donkeys, 5 University of Buffalo

Scores: Lee Sovie 193-517, Ryan Mitchell 195-502, Nicklas LaRue 168-434, Nathaniel Mills 155-402, Hunter Joanette 137-393, Tristan Adams 134-383, Melody George 130-370,

Splits: Melody George 3-10, Alex Mitchell 2-7

Little League

Standings: Teen Titans 35-16, Ninjas 34-17, Pokemaniacs 24-27

Schedule: 13 Ninjas, 15 Pokemaniacs, 17 Teen Titans

Scores: Noah Bennett 96-189, Nathan Bennett 101-185, Rebecca Rivers 97-177, Sophie Cryer 91-177, Brayden Lust 86-169, Tyler Bennett 87-164, Logan Bennett 92-159, Brody Lust 90-149, Bryan Lust 86-147, Dawson Mashaw 100-143, Hayden Cryer 57-109

Strike Club: Bryan Lust (2), Brody Lust, Brayden Lust (2), Rebecca Rivers (2), Nathan Bennett (2), Tyler Bennett, Noah Bennett (2)

Spare Lounge: Logan Bennett

League Note: Saturday will be the last regular week of bowling. March 27th will be the jellybean tournament and awards will be handed out that day.

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