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Diligence Leads Suburban No-Tap League

Standings: Diligence 11-1, Strickland Propane 8-4, No Tap, No Tap, No Keg 6-6, Aces and Eights 6-6. Pick Up Squad 5-7

Lane assignments: Lane 11 Pick up Squad, 13- Strickland Propane, 15- No Tap, No Keg, 17-Aces and Eights, 19- Dilligaf

Scores: Ed Chambers 231-647, Nate Richer 239-644, Jim Downs 239-626, Dan Herne 224-616, Jason Sovie 245-615, Jim Tyo 201-595, Andy Mitchell 241-588, Gerald Sovie 220-578, Jeff Fister 241-560

Splits: John Roach 2-7, Jim Downs 3-9-10, Cody George 2-7,


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