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Don Woods Rolls 669 In Can-Am


Standings: Fluffy Bunnies(45), Big Cheese(42.5), Simplicity Salon(42.5), Sholette’s Liq.(42), Ogd. Bowl(41), Bad Habits(36), As Is Tradition(36), Larue & Pitcher(35)

Results: Sholette’s Liquors 0 – Fluffy Bunnies 4, Big Cheese 1.5 – Simplicity Salon 2.5

Ogdensburg Bowl 3 – Bad Habits 1, Larue & Pitcher 1 – AS Is Tradition 3.

Schedule: Simplicity Salon vs. Ogdensburg Bowl, Larue & Pitcher vs. Big Cheese, Sholette’s Liquors vs. Fluffy Bunnies, Bad Habits vs. As Is Tradition.

High Scores: Don Woods 669, Tim Perry 606, Dean Washburn 604, Goeff Clark 574, Chris Rotramel 571, Kyle Lipinsky 561, John Griffith 543, Steve Marlow 542, Doug Marlow 531, Mike Horton 529, Dale Lamay Jr 525, Kiley French 521, Terry Clary 519, Ben Mathews 518

Splits: 2,7,8: Matt Beaulieu, 3,10: Al Lingard, Ron French, Chris Rotramel; 4,5,7:  Geoff Clark

6,7,10: John Griffith Sr, 2,7: Ron Paro, 2,4,10:  Tim Perry, 5,10: Ritchie Brunett, 4,7,10: Reg Mclear, 2,8,9:  James Sieja.

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