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Ewart Named Hitting Coach For German Baseball Team

The Wuppertal Stingrays are particularly proud to be able to present their new hitting coach for the first men's team today.

Randolph "Randy" Ewart was born in the United States and is now an experienced hitting coach, strengthening the team around head coach Ozzy Hammouda and sports director Olaf Ortmann. Ewart is a graduate of Ogdensburg Free Academy.

Ogdensburg native Randy Ewart joins the Stingrays coaching staff of German Baseball

Randy Ewart has been living in Germany since 1989 - he was employed as a soldier in the Rhein-Neckar region at the age of 19 and of course pursued his great passion here - baseball. He was himself a player in the 2nd baseball Bundesliga, umpire in the Little League World Series and a successful trainer for various teams in the Rhein-Neckar region. A. the Mannheim tornadoes.

At Mainz Athletics and subsequently at Saarlouis Hornets, he was an assistant coach for two Bundesliga teams. Most recently, he assisted the Heidelberg Hedgehogs second division team. Over the many years of baseball, he has worked with greats such as Georg Bull, Matt Kemp, Alex Szalay and Juan Martín.

Randy recently moved to Wuppertal and, as a baseball enthusiast, had looked early for a suitable club in the surrounding area. The Wuppertal Stingrays are very proud that they were able to convince with their long-term overall concept and were able to secure the support of Randy.

Randy, with his extensive experience, will certainly bring the 2nd Bundesliga team of the Wuppertal Stingrays a big step forward - admittedly the stingray's offensive power has been a minor weakness in recent years.

Randy is a real baseball enthusiast through and through and loves his sport - so he fits perfectly with the Wuppertal Stingrays.

We look forward to working with you. Welcome to the Stingrays family!

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