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Fall Patriot Run Raises Money For Wreaths

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Craig Wood and Erica Preston emerged as the Overall Male and Female Run leaders on Saturday as the Fall Patriot Run-Walk was held in Ogdensburg out of the Ed Dobisky Memorial Community Center.

Wood representing the Male 46-59 Division turned in a time of 21:20 and Preston representing the Women's 46-59 division crossed the finish line in 23:57. The top male walker was Jessie Sovie in 45:39 and and the top female walker was Megan Cutway in 48:52.

Race Director Al Mooney thanked all the participants of the event which raises funds to purchase wreaths for the Memorial Day ceremony at Groulx Park.

Ogdensburg's Renown taxidermist Larry Vielhauer, a former high school distance running champion, picked the event to make his first race in several years.

"It is a great cause and I just wanted to participate and help out Al. I haven't done a race in a long time so I walked with Al and his wife Frida, When we reached the high way on the way in and I stepped it up because I wanted to make sure I put in a full effort," said Vielhauer.

Mooney indicated that he would also hold the Spring Patriot Run at the Dobisky Community Center.


Female Runners 14 Under: Addison Havens 35:00.

Male Runners 14 Under: Jacob Peterson 26:27.Issac Peterson 28:28,

Male Runners 30-45: Christopher-James Preston 22:19, Drew McNichol 27:25.

Female Runners 30-45: Erica Preston 23:57, Jacquline Havens 40:00, Denise Wilson 34:27. Male Runners 46-59: Craig Wood 21:20.

Male Runners 60-70: Paul Preston 35:27.

Female Runners 46-59: Donna Wood 39:13.

Male Walkers: 30-45: Jessie Sovie 45:39.

Female Walkers 70+: Frida Mooney 50:33.

Female Walkers 59-69: Brenda Trivilino 1:025, Claire Murdock 1:026.

Female Walkers 30-45: Megan Cutwa 48:52.

Male Walkers 60-70: Larry Vielhauer 48:56.

Male Walkers 70-Over: Allan Mooney 58:30.

Craig Wood and Erica Preston were honored as the First Male and Female Runner at the Fall Patriot Run in Ogdensburg.

Larry Vielhauer still shows his high school stride finishing the Fall Patriot Run-Walk and a walker on Saturday.

The division leaders from Saturday's Fall Patriot Run-Walk received medals.


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