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FROM THE VALLEY: And Don't Tell Me Otherwise


Why do people say “I'm speechless” and then go on a ten minute

dissertation on why that is? And don't tell me they are just trying to explain

their situation. That makes no sense. If you're lost for words, you're lost for

words. Mum's the word. And “mum” is only one word.

How come some major sports stars who have willingly signed contracts to

make themselves instant millionaires turn around a year or two later and refuse

to honor that contract - given to them by someone who had blind faith in their

abilities - by claiming they are being “disrespected” by those same folks?

If that's the case, it would be interesting to know what word they would use

to describe actions by people exactly like themselves, who don't live up to their

end-of-the-bargain, after greedily taking money from someone who, I repeat

for emphasis, believed enough in them to roll the dice and take a chance on

their unproven abilities ... in the first place. To me, that's the epitome of


And don't tell me “there's more to it than just the money.” That's exactly ...

what it's all about.

Next. What's up with people who claim they are totally transparent about

their lives, yet, demand that everyone they surround themselves with –

including family members - sign 'non-disclosure agreements' so they don't

breathe a word of what they saw or heard about them - lest, (they) face legal

ramifications. That's transparency? Suspicious.

And don't tell me it's standard operating procedure. It's totally, undeniably

suspicious. If your hiding something, you are not transparent. Period.

Switching gears: August didn't end well for me. I'm in northern NY on the

St. Lawrence River as I write this column. I discovered yesterday that my cell

phone wasn't charging properly – and when it does, it lasts only about 30

minutes. Bummer, I have to get another one, I guess. Hopefully I can get a

newer model without the rotary dial on it. (“Ah, Sarah, can ya get me Aunt

Bee, please? Ah, ah, yeah, Opie's fine, Sarah. Thanks, for askin'.”)

I used that phone the day before to call an auto-repair place. I had another

problem. The brakes on my truck were bad. The grinding noise of metal on

metal told me I had some major problems. It's always nice when you're out-of-

town and have to go to someone you don't know and are unsure if you can trust

them. Okay, I'm being facetious.

And hitting the trifecta: I was halfway through this column when I decided

to take a break and go fishing. Upon my return, I noticed something wasn't

right with the laptop. I'd lost the mouse/cursor. It was gone, nowhere to be

seen. I had no way to navigate myself around stuff and open files ... and do

whatever else is done on a computer. (I'm sure there's a technical term/verb to

use where I just said “whatever” but ... whatever.) BTW: I actually have duct

tape keeping the lid of this old thing I'm using from falling off.

And as far as addressing those three issues, I must thank the following folks.

The cell phone: Super-daughter, Melissa, to the rescue once again. I never

have to worry, she's always right there for me ... and my wife. (As are both of

our sons, Paul and Eric.) You rock, Mel. And you amaze me with your

boundless source of willing assistance.

The truck brakes: I contacted Don Beebe at Monro, in Ogdensburg. I'd

never met him before but he absolutely saved my butt. Don is the courteous

and friendly general manager who works the counter and reassured me that he

could and would take care of things and all would be fine. He was right. What

a great guy and staff. They rate five stars on each and every rating box. People

in the 'Burg should check them out.

With the computer, I contacted my friend, Dan the handyman, computer

man. Dan has it set up so that he can access my desktop from wherever he is

and work on it. (As an illiterate-techie, I have a lot of computer issues as well

as other issues ... whatever.) He worked on it for several hours and got it back

to where I could, at least, finish this column which you are now reading. So

bottom line ... blame Dan for what you just had to endure for the last several


I have more but, actually, I'm lost for words. And don't tell me you didn't

see that coming.

Whatever. That's the way it looks from the Valley.

He wasn't kidding: Tom Valley's computer held together with duct tape.

The author Tom Valley finding himself at a loss and lost for words

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