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FROM THE VALLEY: Have Best (As-You-Can) Thanksgiving


I have no column this week BUT ....

I wanted to wish everyone the best (as-you-can) Thanksgiving. Personally, my opinion is it should NEVER have gotten this bad- NOT in the most (supposedly) advanced nation on the planet. BUT when the country has (had) LITERALLY no NATIONAL plan on how to combat this deadly virus as a unified force ... what can you expect?

Apparently, golfing supersedes meeting with scientists and advisors on a global emergency - even if you're elected to office to do just that (Protect the American citizens. "I won't have time to golf" .... unless, of course, we face a deadly plaque and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people hang in the balance. "When's my tee time?") Yeah ... whatever. There is NO EXCUSE for such inaction ... so don't try to misdirect the blame. I can speak because I have a personal stake in this issue -- hopefully, you don't!

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