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FROM THE VALLEY: Kellyanne Conway Twitter


Yeah, about that that title “Kellyanne Conway Twitter”…. I'll get back to you on that a little later. Okay?!. Meanwhile ...

Have you noticed a semi-recent trend, where those with strong opinions are the same ones who, ironically, think others should not be afforded the same privilege?

Opinionated boors have redefined the word (opinion) by assuming that theirs is infallible; and there is no reason for an alternative hypothesis. Whatever varied perspectives there are out there, they, the so-mentioned boors, consider other voices of contemplation and consideration as worthless, null and void. Crazy.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but no one is entitled to that of others.

We, by nature and choice, are creatures of habit. We tend to follow our duly elected officials. It's how we maintain a semblance of order and not break into a chaotic state where we are constantly bumping into each other. That process is fine except when it comes to opinions, ideas and philosophies. Various thought processes are the intellectual resources we need for picking the right tool for the right job.

Sadly, when leaders at the highest level, have perpetuated an atmosphere of non-tolerance and only-my-way-is-right, we all suffer the atrophy of collaboration. Like lemmings shadowing what's gone before them, this foreboding pattern is an ugly reflection of what's happening to our society and, worse yet, where we're headed.

Growing up, I was taught that respect and common decency were the main ingredients for civility. It's a shame that that very recipe is being cast aside in the nation's largest kitchen.

No one's perfect. This is not about one side or the other. We are all complicit. But the question begs to be asked: have we forgotten how to learn from our mistakes? Or even recognize them? Let's hope not.

That's my opinion. If you are up in arms over it, well, Your Honor, … I rest my case,

Moving on: That Kellyanne Conway Twitter thing ... give me a few more minutes.

I called the cable TV company the other day. I had a few things that were bothering me and had an extra 5 hours to sit and wait on hold, so I gave them a call. The first two complaints were fairly minor but I wanted to hear their explanations. Thinking I had some valid points, I like to personally hear lame excuses and visualize their squirming as I smugly present my case.

First, I explained that I lived between Rochester and Buffalo; and thus, I get the major networks from both cities. One of them, Rochester, offered the “start over” option on many of the programs it aired. But, unfortunately, that's no longer the case. As full disclosure, I'm usually late to the party and found that feature convenient. And since the company often advertised it as a 'come-on' to buy their service, I simply wondered where did it go? Why did it suddenly vanish?

My second complaint was based on the assumption that because we are charged for every damn thing that comes with cable TV, I'm certain we pay for the “guide.” That's what we scroll through to see where and what channel different programming is on. And if that's the case, what gives them the right to advertise with that big-ass, annoying, yellow highlighted band about their own (produced) shows in the space I'm paying for?

Unfortunately, throughout this conversation, I had a hard time understanding the courteous gal at the other end. As I'm sure, she did me. Mind you, my service comes out of Rochester. I asked her if that's where she was. “No' she said. And I understood perfectly when she informed me ...“I'm in the Philippines.”

That's over eight thousand miles away. My service comes from 40 miles away and I'm yapping with someone who hasn't a clue about local geography and my Buffalo-Rochester connection. Holy crap.

Does anyone remember not long ago, when I lectured in this column on the trend we are headed toward where we have little tolerance for others nowadays? Guilty as charged.

Kellyanne Conway Twitter: Here's the deal. I was trying to come up with a joke about one of Trump's aides, who became a country-music legend impersonator and wrote songs about her bosses preferred messaging services. But I couldn't think of one.

Sorry I mentioned it.

And that's the way it looks from the Valley.

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