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Frozen Foote Series Gets Off To Great Virtual Start

The 2021 Frozen Foote Series is off to a great start in its first ever virtual format. Though we couldn't all meet at the same time and place on December 12th, "We are presenting all of the times and different locatons self-reported by the 178 participants," Series Director Suna Stone. Thirteen different states and all parts of New York are represented with the farthest report coming in from Anchorage, Alaska. Ages ranged from 10 to 81. "It's not too late to get your results added for December 2020. If you ran/walked 4 miles but don't see your name in the results, send your name, race time and location of your course to or call (313) 229-5105," said Ms. Stone. Jon French, Lance Bradley and Shawn Spriggs reported the three fastest mens' times, recording 23:14, 25:18 and 25:44, respectively. In the Women's category, Amanda Stopa Goldstein, Katie Green and Victoria Lederer finished in 28:40, 30:34 and 31:43.

Teresa Stone at 48:28 and Shellyn Amo and Karlyen Manke at 51:16 led a group of eight lady striders who led the Walk field. Pat Hackett at 58:11 and Mark Josephs at 58:55 led the male walkers.

Men's Leaderboard (by age group) Men's 20-29 1 Connor Hardiman 28:35 2 Joshua Tupper 30:30 30-39 1 Jon French 23:14 2 Jacob Fredericks 26:04 3 Andrew Leiser 27:55 40-49 1 Shawn Spriggs 25:44 2 Chuck Rocca 30:19 3 Jeff Lyndaker 30:31 50-59 1 Andy Whittier 26:50 2 Dan Dominie 29:30 3 Allen Bradley 30:21 60-69 1 Paul Pierce 31:56 2 Mark Hartman 42:29 70-79 1 Bill Amberman 31:31 2 Peter Feickert 34:32 3 Toby Irven 54:52 80+ 1 Ben Budelmann 82:00 Youth 1 Logan Bradley 25:50 2 Charlie Todd 36:51 3 Matt Tupper 44:00 High School 1 Lance Bradley 25:18 2 Cooper Stuntz 28:26 3 Max Finley 30:58 3 Nicholas Lyndaker 30:58 Women's Leaderboard (by age group) 20-29 1 Katie Green 30:34 2 Olivia White 32:00 3 Maria Ricalton 32:32 3 Caitlin Fredericks 32:32 30-39 1 Amanda Stopa Goldstein 28:40 2 Victoria Lederer 31:43 3 Lyndsay Malcomb 32:27 40-49 1 Kristen Betrus 28:38 2 Amy Hollister 32:58 3 Shelly Roiger 35:08 50-59 1 Ana Maria Spagna 35:00 2 Debbie McDonald 39:09 3 Kelly Fountain 40:28 60-69 1 Susan Pierce 36:14 2 Katherine Wears 41:43 3 Kaori MacWilliams 52:00 Youth 1 Lindy Betrus 35:28 2 Dilek Eissenstat 39:39 3 Johanna Tupper 43:30 High School 1 Kelsea Whittier 35:00 Overall Results First Name Last Name Time to complete course Location of your run MEN Jon French 23:14 Erie Canal Trail, Camillus Lance Bradley 25:18 Miner Street Road, Canton NY Shawn Spriggs 25:44 Frozen Foote course Logan Bradley 25:50 Miner Street Road, Canton NY Jacob Fredericks 26:04 State College, PA Andy Whittier 26:50 Frozen Foote course Andrew Leiser 27:55 Jamaica Pond in Boston, MA Christopher-James Preston 28:01 Miner st. Rd. Normal course Cooper Stuntz 28:26 Village of Canton, NY Connor Hardiman 28:35 Regular Frozen Foote Route; Canton, NY James Sieja 28:57 Traditional Frozen Foote Course Dan Dominie 29:30 Frozen Foote course Chuck Rocca 30:19 New Milford, CT Allen Bradley 30:21 Miner Street Road, Canton, NY Joshua Tupper 30:30 Pierrepont, NY Jeff Lyndaker 30:31 FF course- Miner St. Max Finley 30:58 Kip/ Saddlemire Nicholas Lyndaker 30:58 Kip/ Saddlemire Conrad Stuntz 31:26 Village of Canton, NY Bill Amberman 31:31 River Road Norwood Chris Marquart 31:51 Frozen Foote course (Miner St.) Paul Pierce 31:56 Sand Rd in Lisbon Tristan McKnight 32:33 Tucson, AZ John Newman 32:37 Hardscrabble, Glebe, Farden, Sand Sean McGrath 34:04 County Route 17 in Russell, NY Peter Feickert 34:32 Tony Betrus 35:28 Potsdam, NY Charles Shene 35:38 Kip/Saddlemire - 4.32 miles Emre Balikci 36:09 Cross-Country Woods Trail in Canton, NY Charlie Todd 36:51 Canton, NY (village loop) Kevin Tupper 37:35 Kip/saddlemire Andrew Willard 37:54 Porter Hill, Hermon NY Aaron Todd 38:11 Canton NY (village loop) Bubba Gillis 38:50 Hilton Head, SC Jason Pfotenhauer 39:21 Remington Trail, Canton Sam Pfotenhauer 39:21 Remington trail, Canton Charles Guy 39:33 Colton Wildwood Rd. Mark Hartman 42:29 River Rd, Potsdam Matt Tupper 44:00 Kip/saddlemire Zadok Roiger 44:41 County route 32 Thomas Burkum 44:44 Knapps Station, NY Toby Irven 54:52 MSR course Eyilayomi Odetoyinbo 57:32 Village of Canton Griffin Scafidi-McGuire 57:32 Ben Budelmann 82:00 CR 27, Canton Howard Eissenstat 39:83 Saddlemire/Kip Trail Loop Allen Kelly NT Kip-Sadlemire Trails Tom Van de Water NT Remington Trail in Canton WALKERS Teresa Stone 48:28 Thompson Park, Watertown NY Shelly Amo 51:16 Miner St. Road Canton, NY Karlyen Manke 51:16 Miner Street, Canton Loni Recker 51:26 Red Mills Laurie Thompson 55:00 Remington Trail Shirley Denesha 56:12 Keewaydin state park Katy Collette 57:03 Lori Hackett 58:11 Maple City Trail in Ogdensburg Pat Hackett 58:11 Maple City Trail Ogdensburg Mark Josephs 58:55 Perrin Road in Potsdam, NY Gregory Drechsel 59:09 Perrin Rd, Potsdam, NY Francine Naccarato 60:00 Maple city trail, Ogdensburg, ny Carolyn Filippi 61:00 Frozen foote course Flip Filippi 61:00 Frozen foote course Robert Ashley 61:05 Mollee Ashley 61:05 Jim Fish 61:54 Sawmill Branch Canal Trail in Summerville, SC Agnes Hoey 62:47 Canton Village Sharon Touron 63:14 Maryville, Tn Dave Touron 63:14 Maryville, Tn Jill Kennedy 64:00 Waddington NY Matthew Peacock 64:00 Waddington NY Linda Geary 65:00 Hudson FL Janet Gore 65:00 Hudson FL Charles Gore 65:00 Hudson FL Tom Windt 66:24 Fort Mill, SC, at Sun City Collyn Petroccione 67:00 Remington Trail Ann Petroccione 67:00 Remington Trail Shirley White 68:11 Rt 12-Blackstone Bay, Hammond William White 68:11 Rt 12-Blackstone Bay-Hammond Avaleigh Besaw 69:00 Dekalb, NY Julie Besaw 69:00 Dekalb, NY Sara Hutcheson 69:00 Canton village and SLU area Rachel Holz 70:00 Miner Street Road, Canton, NY Susan Holz 70:00 Miner Street Road, Canton, NY Lulu Budelmann 72:00 Reeds Lake, Grand Rapids, MI Toki Budelmann 72:00 Reeds Lake, Grand Rapids, MI Bruno Budelmann 72:00 Reeds Lake, Grand Rapids, MI Kevin Budelmann 72:00 Reeds Lake, Grand Rapids, MI Yang Kim 72:00 Reeds Lake, Grand Rapids, MI Cindy Atkins 73:00 Old State Rd Rensselear Falls NY Thomas McCullough 73:00 Old State Road Rensselaer Falls NY Timm Scagel 75:00 Route thru canton and SLU Erica Kay 75:02 Grafton, Ma Tim Kay 75:02 Grafton MA Timothy Kay 75:02 Grafton,MA Amy McCormick 76:00 SLU walking trails Margaret Pratt 76:00 SLU walking trails Danny Scaggs 78:00 Trail through SLU and downtown Canton,NY Rosemary Philips 78:00 Canton Village Cindy Randi 82:00 Mostly CR 25 Claire Burkum 82:29 Knapps Station, NY Ryan Burkum 83:16 Railroad bed near plumb brook and routes 48 & 47 Knapps Station Kennon Gardner 85:00 Rossie, NY Elizabeth Gardner 85:00 Rossie, NY Jennifer Gardner 85:00 Rossie, NY Nick Gardner 85:00 Rossie, NY Paul Doty 85:00 Canton Village Jeanne Bulriss 86:00 Partridge Run Trail Thomas Greene 90:00 Indian Peaks subdivision, Lafayette, CO Mela Lawson 90:00 Indian peaks subdivision, Lafayette, CO WOMEN Kristen Betrus 28:38 Potsdam, NY Amanda Stopa Goldstein 28:40 Canton, NY Katie Green 30:34 Forest, VA Victoria Lederer 31:43 Miner St. in Canton, NY Olivia White 32:00 Village of Canton, University trails Lyndsay Malcomb 32:27 Fry's Spring Neighborhood in Charlottesville, VA Maria Ricalton 32:32 Caitlin Fredericks 32:32 State College, PA Jessica Donnelly 32:45 Canton, NY Amy Hollister 32:58 Village streets of Massena, NY Emily Grob 33:14 Twinsburg, OH Allyssa Hardiman 34:15 Regular Frozen Foote course at Appleton Arena in Canton Ana Maria Spagna 35:00 Remington Trail Kelsea Whittier 35:00 Shelly Roiger 35:08 Down County Route 32 and Sykes Avenue near Canton, NY Lindy Betrus 35:28 Potsdam, NY Jacqueline Bill 36:00 Canton, SLU trails Katie Kennedy 36:00 SLU trails Ellie Schonberg 36:02 Remington Trail in Canton, NY. Stephanie Plaisted 36:12 St.Lawrence trail Laura Pierce 36:14 Sand Rd., Lisbon Susan Pierce 36:14 Sand Road, Lisbon Jolene Carotenuto 36:45 Miner St. in Canton NY Becky Windt Pearson 37:34 Chugach State Park, Anchorage, AK Jessica DeLorme 38:45 Cross country woods and Kip trail, Canton Alanna Gillis 38:50 Hilton Head, SC Debbie McDonald 39:09 FFoote course Ola Aldous 39:19 Outside Canton, NY Beth Colello 39:27 Canton-Miner Street normal course Dilek Eissenstat 39:39 Kip trail to Saddlemire trail loop Sara Behuniak 39:41 Kara McCurdy 39:47 Miner Street, Canton Cari Deon 40:05 Miner street, Canton NY Kelly Fountain 40:28 Pond road Hermon N.Y. Erica Preston 40:57 Turkey trot and kip trail Lisa Guccione 41:31 Park street, miner street, bend in the river Katherine Wears 41:43 Greene St. Proctor Ave. Ogdensburg NY Yasemin Eissenstat 41:53 Kip trail to Saddlemire trail loop Merria Recker 42:33 Liverpool, NY Johanna Tupper 43:30 Kip/saddlemire Alka Srivastava 43:47 Greene St, ogdensburg NY Stephanie Tartakoff 43:51 Remington Trail in Canton, NY Lorie Guy 44:00 Colton Suna Stone-McMasters 44:00 Canton, NY Mandy Simser 44:00 Trout Lake, NY Kathleen Terrence 44:05 Reminton Trail Wendy Jacobs 44:44 Lisbon. NY Melanie Kimbler 45:30 River Road, Hannawa Falls. Jacki Kelly 45:52 River Road, Heuvelton, NY Cheryl Cole 47:53 Norwood, NY Bethany Hammond 48:24 Rochester, NY Anne Carberry 49:00 Kara Mcluckie 49:55 Kip and Saddlemire Trails Ashley Barr 50:43 Gouverneur Julie Bradley 51:52 Brothers Road in Norfolk NY Kaori MacWilliams 52:00 Remington Trail in Canton NY Lexi Stuntz 52:15 Village of Canton, NY Cheryl Stuntz 52:44 Lauren Correa 54:00 Gouverneur, ny Pam Beaudette 56:00 Saddlemire-Kipp trail Erin Knox 56:04 Munter Trail Potsdam NY Adrienne Hartman 56:15 Kip & Saddlemire, Canton Rachel Sieja 57:47 Loop starting at Appleton Arena ending in Heritage Park Canton Carolyn Twomey 73:00 Saddlemire Kristine Longshore 75:00 Perkiomen Trail in Collegeville, PA Mary Kelly NT Betsy Kepes NT Remington Trail in Canton Lynn Short NT Remington Trail/Partridge Knoll

Tom Windt was one of the Frozen Foote competitors who did his virtual run in a warmer setting - South Carolina

December 2021 Frozen Foote Run Venue Map

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