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Gary & Aileen's, HillBillies RIP Lead Close SP Golf Race

Three weeks into the season Gary & Aileen's and the HillBillies RIP lead a very close race in the Men's Golf League at the St. Lawrence State Park.

Gary & Aileen's placed first on the opening week, took seventh in week two and tied for third in week three for a total of 11.5 points which was matched by the HillBillies RIP which tied for fourth place, placed fifth and then took second on week three. The seven league teams are separated by only one/half point.

To lead week one Gary Aileen's (Chris Guimond 39, Gary Guimond 44, Greg Guimond 43, Dick LaVigne 50) posted a -5 round. The 40 and Under Club featured Chris Guimond at 39 and Jaime Alonzo and Jayden Kench at 40.

ADR Telecom (Andy Manke 53, Jaime Alonzo 36, Dave Rishe 55, Don Tebo 47) went three under to lead week two. The 40 and Under Club featured Jaime Alonzo at 37, Chris Guimond at 40, Greg Sholette at 40 and Mike Tooley at 40.

Team HAHA (Pete Amo 48, Jack Amo 46, Gabe Halpin 44, Bob Halpin) led week three with a torrid -14 round. The 40 and Under Club featured Jaime Alonzo at 36, Gary Guimond at 40 and Jayden Kench at 39.

The Week three Birdie Brigade was Jamie Alonzo on 1, Andy Manke on 7, Art Sciorra on 6, Chris Guimond on 1, Gary Guimond on 9, Greg Sholette 1 and Mike Tooley on 1.

League Standings: Gary & Aileen's 11.5, HillBillies RIP 11.5, Hammerhockies 12, Team HAHA 12, Sholette's Liquor Store 12, The Place 12.5, ADR Telecom 12.5.

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