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Golf Courses Can Open But Without Riding Carts

It was a good news, bad news situation for outdoor enthusiasts as New York State provided clarifications whether golf courses and boat launches and marinas can open during the PAUSE order which was extended until May 14.

Boat launches and marinas have been cleared to open following the social distancing guidelines and golf courses can open if they follow a set of guidelines which have now been formalized through communications with New York State Golf Association the New York State Club Association.

The biggest stipulation for golfers was that no power carts would be allowed.

The following statement was issued by the NYSGA which clarifies the situation.

The NYSGA has been closely monitoring all information and updates regarding COVID-19 and the impact the situation has on the golf industry.

The New York State Club Association was asked to contact New York State for clarity and confirmation of the meaning of the new language. To that end, the following was reviewed and approved by New York State.

  • There can be no employees working at the recreational component of the golf operation with the exception of security personnel

  • Security personnel can be delineated by each club (ex. A pro and the head starter) and will be present to enforce social distancing

  • No access is permitted to club facilities including but not limited to the club house, pro shop, bag room and locker room

  • No caddies. No golf carts (except pull carts), you must either carry your own bag or use a pull cart.

  • All golfers must maintain proper social distancing at all times, this is mandatory, no exceptions

  • Allowing guests is to be determined by the security personnel on the golf course

  • Maintenance personnel are permitted to work on the golf course

  • Clubs are strongly advised to provide a printed copy of the new guidance to security personnel, as local law enforcement may come to a club and may not be aware of the new guidance.


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