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Hoswegatchie Duathlon Champions Crowned


Brock Davis of Brockville, Ont. emerged from a three-way tie for first place in the Men's Division to claim his fifth straight Hoswegatchie Duathlon Series Men's title on Wednesday Night at Hosmer's Marina.

"This series is just awesome. We don't have anything like this over in Brockville," said Davis who has qualified for the World Championships in 70.3 (Half Ironman) Triathlon multiple times.

"I have a busy schedule but I will always be loyal to this these folks. I am looking forward to next summer."

Davis tied for the season points title with Lyle Trombly of Canton and Jordan Pedersen of Lisbon. Davis prevailed by the most wins tie-breaker.

Both individual titles went back across the St. Lawrence River to Brockville as Ilona Thomas claimed the Women's title. Amy Hollister of Ogdensburg took second in the series and Jenna Chamberlain of Waddington placed third. Thomas led Tuesday's race followed by Chamberlain and Hollister.

The Iron Patriots duo of Jr. Josh and Joan Caruso claimed the 2019 team title followed by Augh (Charles Shene, Chris LaPoint) and Lauren Morley and Will Glass of Knights' Fever.

AndRod led the division in Wednesday's race followed by the Iron Patriots and Rick and Michelle.


Team Finish: AndRod 43:43, Iron Patriots 43:44, Rick and Michelle 44:36. Knight Fever45:28, Augh, Massena 47:06, Team Skamp 48:40 , Lomaki Hughes 49:08, Dodge 50:28, A2, Good Grief, 53:13 Wells/Spriggs 53:52, The B Team, 54:55 McFooty 54:55, We Run-Bike For Fun 57:35, Double B 55:50, Devils Duo, 1:02:37, Emily Rocks 1:09.01.

Men's Finish: Brock Davis 41:49, Lyles Trombley 44:59, Jordan Pedersen 45:10, Brettr Boismenu 47:30, Cory Williams 52:54, Status Hebert 56:23, Kevin Morendo 1:06:39, Tom Kerrigan 1:07:14.

Women's Finish: Ilona Thomas 52:26, Jenna Chamberlain 52:56, Amy Hollister 53:00, Mary Kelly 54:04, Lisa Guccione 58:55, Jeni Bakcus 1:04:35, Cathy Rusgrove 1:06:48, Kathy Wears 1:12:28, Macinko 1:00:44, Pam Rowe 1:01:52.

"We had another great series and tonight was our biggest field. The August race always draw the biggest crowd," said Gary Hammond of CGSW Racing.

Ilona Thomas and Brock Davis of Brockville claimed the Women's and Men's Division Championships of the 2019 Hoswegatchie Duathlon Series onWednesday at Hosmer's Marina. Amy Hollister and Jenna Chamberlain placec second and third in the Women's Division. Davis prevailed in a three-way tie in the Mn's Division by virtue of most wins in this summer's series. Taking second were: Lyles Trombley of Canton and Jordan Pederson of Canton.

Jenna Chamberlain of Waddington who recently enjoyed a performance of Ironman Lake Placid heads into the run of Wednesday's Hoswegatchie Duathlon.

Brett Boismenu heads to the finish of the August Hoswegatchie Duathlon on Wednesday.

The leading teams of the 2019 Hoswegatchie Duathlon Series after the August races on Wednesday. From left are the second place Augh (Charles Shene-Chris LaPoint), The third place Knights' Fever (Will Glass, Lauren Morley) and the first place Iron Patriots (Dr. Josh and Joan Caruso).


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