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This site is dedicated to the memory of Chuck Kelly, longtime editor of The Journal and Advance News in Ogdensburg and the greatest newsman in the history of Northern New York.

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Howie's downs Ogd Bowl in Women's Softball action

A heavy hitting Howie's Tavern team downed Ogdensburg Bowl 27-2 in in Ogdensburg Women's Softball action on Wednesday night.

Howies hitters: Stacy Barr. 3 singles, Nathalie Barr. 2 singles 2 homeruns, Heather Howe. 4 singles, Chelsea Lebeau 1 single 1 double 2 HR, Abby Flack. 4 singles. 1 HR, Jess Barr. 3 singles, Shannon lafave. 2 singles. 1 double, Kate McCarney 1 single. 1 double, Nikki Holmes 1 single, Nici Sharpe. 1 double 1 triple 1 HR, Sydnee Harbour. 1 single.

Ogd Bowl hitters: Lisa Roberts. 1 double, Tina. 1 triple, Ashley 1 single, Kristin. 1 single 1 triple, Chantelle. 1 single, Olivia Roberts. 1 single, Kristine Williams. 1 single and

Kandy. 1 single