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Invasive Species Eurasian Tench Found In SL River

On October 9th, the Environment Division of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe observed a Eurasian tench in the St. Lawrence River--south of Barnhart Island and just west of the Moses-Saunders Dam. It was approximately 46cm (18in) long. Tench were first detected in the St. Lawrence River in 2006, and the population has been growing exponentially. Once established, they form dense populations and compete with native fish for food. They also carry non-native parasites that aren’t yet known in the Great Lakes Region, making them a potential disease risk. Tench are also a potential threat to water quality by their tendency to kick up mud and sediment, and consumption of zooplankton, which keeps harmful algal blooms in check.

For more information or to report a capture, please contact the Environment Division's Water Resources Program at (518)358-5937.


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