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Jim Tyo Leads Suburban League With 570

Standings: Pick Up Squad 26.5-5.5, Aces and Eights 21-11, Sully's 19.5-12.5, Dilligaf 18-14, Misfits 17-15, SH Electric 13-19, BJ'S 13-19

Schedule: 13-14 Sully's vs BJ'S, 15-16 SH Electric vs Dilligaf, 17-18 Aces and Eights vs Pick Up Squad, 19-20 Misfits vs BYE

Scores: Jim Tyo 200-570, Andy Mitchell 200-557, Dustin Green 194-554, Spencer Woodard 194-528, Jeff Fister 245-525, Chris Cryer 213-519, Elijah Downie 200-514, Gerald Sovie 171-504, Allen Ashley 190-499, Jason Sovie 182-495, Nate Richer 178-494, Jim Downs 187-490, Blair Davis 166-453, Jen Kennedy 154-396, Jeslyn Kennedy 165-389, Other highlights: Ryan Woodard 150, Julie Fister 125, Stephen Dawley 164, Catrina Anderson 142

Splits: Dan Herne 5-6, Ryan Woodard 2-7, Julie Fister 3-10, Jeslyn Kennedy 3-10, Stephen Dawley 2-7.

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