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Joint Walleye Stocking Effort Enjoys Best Year Ever

The joint stocking efforts of the St. Lawrence Valley Sportsman's Club, the St. Lawrence River Walleye Association and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has made the the St. Lawrence River a major destination for walleye fishing. Fish of size and number are regularly caught by anglers using a variety of methods.

The on-going stocking efforts should only get better as the joint effort enjoyed its best year ever according to Mike Gagner of the St. Lawrence River Walleye Association.

" Best year ever, both ponds produced over 25 thousand. Thank you to St Lawrence Valley Sportsmen's Club and St Lawerence River Walleye Association volunteers. For a change mother nature was a non issue," said Gagner.

"Although she did warm up the ponds to 84 degrees, she still allowed us the best harvest to date! Also thank you to the New York State DEC for there help. All the fish were hearty and 3"."

Each year DEC biologists harvest sperm and eggs from walleye spawning in the Oswegatchie River in Ogdensburg and the St. Lawrence Valley Sportsmen's Club hatches the eggs in a hatchery located in the pump station of the Ogdensburg Oswetachie Dam.

The walleye frye are then transported to the St. Lawrence Valley Walleye Association rearing station where they are raised to fingerling size and released into the St. Lawrence River.

Healthy walleye fingering are gathered for a move to the St. Lawrence River

Future lunker ready to move from the pond to the river

Dedicated volunteers make the joint Walleye stocking effort a joint success by the St. Lawrence Valley Sportsmane's Club, the St. Lawrencew River Walleye Association and the NYS DEC


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