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Lady Devils Fall Short In Strong Run At Malone

The OFA Girls Cross Country team opened the season with a strong run at Malone where the Lady Devils were shaded by the Huskies 27-28. The Lady Devils and Lady Huskies both downed Salmon River 15-50. In the Boys Race Malone received wins over incomplete teams from OFA and Salmon River.


Bethany Poirier led the field in 23:44 and led Malone past a strong bid by OFA to record its first win in Malone in many years. Lexi Beaulieu took second in 24:40 for the Lady Blue Devils who received a fifth place run by Emma Murray (28:33), a sixth from Briana McRoberts (28:23), an eighth from n Mayah Myers (29:24), an 11th from Quinn Crosson 30:07 and a 13th from Jessica Harman (33:30).

Adeline Chodat took third for Malone in 25:234, Oakes ran fourth for Salmon River in 27:59 and Emily Perham placed seventh for Malone in 28:28.


Malone received wins from OFA and Salmon River which were both incomplete.

The Huskies filled the top four spots with Dylan Perry 17:47, Tye Royal 18:29, Watson Chodat 18:55 and Dylan Denny 19:58. Collins took sixth for Salmon River.

Mitchel McCarthy 22:38 led OFA with an 11th place finish and Jay Sovie 23:00 and Conner McRoberts 24:48 followed in 13th and 16th place.

In the Modified Boys race OFA was underscored by Malone 21-38 and received a win from an incomplete Salmon River team. Trent Carriero of Malone led the field in 11:09 and Lucas Donnie 12:02 and Tanner Smith 12:03 led OFA in third and fourth place and Jason Skelly placed eighth in 14:51. Jackson Duprey 26:27 and Pat Beaulieu took 12th and 13th.

The OFA Modified Girls team also split downing Salmon River 15-50 and dropping a 16-39 decision to Malone. Tye Lawrence of Malone led the field in 12:13 and JC Lalonde led OFA in eighth place in 15:28. Kaitlin Finley 16:39, Delia Finley, Delta Payne, Evelyn Davis and Maeve Putman ran 11th through 14th for the Devils.

"We had a great day today. Good times and everyone enjoyed themselves. The varsity girls came close to Malone. Great first performances were turned in by Myah Myers, Quinn Crosson and Lucas Downie.


In a meet at Brushton-Moira Canton defeated Brushton-Moira 17-42 and Clifton-Fine ran incomplete.

Canton's Nick Lyndaker led the field in 17:35 followed by 2. Max Finney (C) 17:36; 3. Sean Shannon (C) 18:03; 4. Luke Chapman (BM) 19:49; 5. Daniel Creurer (C) 19:59; 6. Brendan Nolan (C) 20:16; 7. Charlie Todd (C) 20:41; 8. James Durant (BM) 21:22; 9. Caleb Fludd (BM) 21:49; 10. Dawson White (BM) 22:17.

In the Girls Race Canton, Brushton-Moira and Clifton-Fine all ran incomplete.

Grace McDonough (C) 22:01; Julia Bessette (C) 22:08 and Emily Pandel 24:47 ran 1-2-3 for Canton. Olivia Bobbie 25:00 and Holland Goddard 27:59 of B-M rounded out the top five.


Norwood-Norfolk secured Varsity Boys and Girls Wins at Home over Gouverneur.

Dominick Fiacco won for the Flyers, followed by Owen Haas and Anthony Fiacco in a 15-50 dual meet against Gouverneur (0-1) in Norfolk. Cole Siebels finished sixth for the Wildcats.

Maddie Dinneen was the overall winner as the Lady Flyers (3-0) defeated Gouverneur 22-33 .

Sharon Colbert finished second and Rachel Hewey was third for Norwood-Norfolk. Ell Impaglia finished fourth to lead the Wildcats (0-1).


The Tupper Lake boys (2-1) downed the host Sandstoners (0-1) 25-20 and the Tupper Lake Girls gained a win over an incomplete Potsdam squad.

Skye Crocker 17:11 and Finnegan Dean 18:48.10 ran 1-2 for Potsdam in the Boys Race where Riley Carter 20:38.40 led a string of five straight Tupper Lake finishers. Potsdam also recorded a 1-2 finish in the Girls Race with Isabella Shatraw 19:20.50 and Abigail Hughes 24:19. Reagen Fritts led Tupper Lake in third place at 25:17.80.

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