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Morristown Firecracker 500 big boost for youth programs

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Cole Rosenberger and Lorraine Yerger both enjoyed a wonderful Fourth of July Weekend on the St. Lawrence River visiting a family camp in Morristown.

They also enjoyed a one-three finish at Morristown Firecracker 5K and will head to Seattle, Wash. very soon to pursue professional career opportunities and make a life for themselves.

Rosenberger, a college soccer player at Johns Hopkins University, led the field in 19:50 as the Overall Male Medalist and the Men's 21-30 leader. Yerger (22:11) emerged as the "First Lady" and Women's 21-30 leader of the race which was a fund-raiser for the Morristown Youth Recreation Programs.

Brendan Harper of Atlanta, Ga. took second in 21:35.

"I really want to thank everyone who took part today. This race raises money for our youth recreation programs," said Race Director Chris Woodcock of the Morristown Recreation Department.

"We provided youngsters with youth sports opportunities, swimming lessons and art camp. All of the money raised today will be for the kids because our great sponsors paid for the expenses of the race."

Sponsors for the race were: Valley Maples Construction, Inc. of Hammond, LP Thompson Insurance Agency LTD of Hammond, Bella-Brooke Vineyard of Hammond, Turner Inn Restaurant and Pub of Morristown, The Citizens National Bank of Hammond, Wright's Sporting Goods and Marine of Morristown, Ella's Family Restaurant and Lounge on the Bay of Morristown, Stout's Sand and Gravel of Brier Hill, Black Lake Builders of Ogdensburg and Morristown Fuel and Building Supply.


Male Under 20: Joey Kring 25:28, Walter Kring 30:44, Camden Holley 32:14.

Female Under 20: Ali Hart 26:19, Morgan Macaulay 32:22.

Male 21-30: Cole Rosenberger 19:50.

Female 21-30: Lorraine Yerger 22:11.

Male 31-40: Brenden Harper 21:35.

Female 31-40: Melissa Harper 25:30, Maggie Tackett 27:57, Renee Heininger 32:59.

Male 41-50: Scott Wheeler 27:38, Kevin Tackett 28:11, Larry Kring 30:15

Female 41-50: Michelle Wheeler 23:42, Jane Kring 28:37, Aly Douglass 29:15.

Women's 51-60: Sheila Smith 37:30

Men's 61-70: Charlie Gore 33:14.

Fun Run: Claire Shellenberger 12:32 Jack Shellenberger 12:34, Henry Kring 17:15, Ivan Kring 17:15.


1. Cole Rosenberger 19:50, 2. Branden Harper 21:35, 3. Loraine Yerger 21:25, 4. Claire Shellenberger (Fun Run) 12:32, 5. Jack Shellenberger (Fun Run) 12:34, 6. Michelle Wheeler 23:42, 7. Joey Kring 25:28, 8. Melissa Harper 25:30, 9. Aly Hart 26:19, 10. Henry Kring (Fun Run) 17:15, 11. Ivan Kring (Fun Run) 17:15, 12. Scott Wheeler 27:38, 13. Maggie Tackett 27:57, 14. Kevin Tackett 28:11, 15. Jane Kring28:37, 16. Aly Douglass 29:15, 17. Walter Kring 30:44, 18. Larry Kring 30:51, 19. Morgan Macauley 32:32, 20. Renee Heininger 32:59, 21. Camdern Halley 33:14, 22. Alex Gore 33:14, 23. Charlie Gore 33:14, 24. Sheila Smith 37:30, 25. Holly Shellenberger 38:06, 26. Sean Pidgeon 46:52, Allan Mooney, 28 47:44. Colleen Pidgen 48:14, 29. Nancy Dulmage 49:42

The Male Division leaders of the Morristown Firecracker 5K were honored with medals

The Women's Division leaders at Saturday's Morristown Firecracker 5K were honored with medals.

Participants of the Fun Run received medals at the Morristown Firecracker 5K

Holly Schellenger and her children combined to get all the family members over the finish line at the Morristown Fikrecracker 500.

Charlie Gore finishes the Morristown Firecracker 500 with his grandsons Cameron Halley and Alex Gore

Al Mooney enjoys a strong walk outing at the Morristown Firecracker 5K.

The race medalist enjoys crossing the finish line at the Morristown Firecracker 5K

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