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Morristown Central Seniors Honored By Parade

MORRISTOWN - Morristown Central's 2020 Senior Class was honored by a parade of well-wishers on Saturday which passed by the homes of the seniors and presented them with a pizza from Cam's Pizza and a goodie bag.

The Morristown Central Sports Boosters offered a note to the senior student-athletes.

The note read.

We wish you were on the field playing your best.

Giving your all, leaving your mark.

Ending your senior Senior Year the way it was meant to be.

We know what your are going through is hard.

It is breaking our hearts too.

We miss every ball not being thrown, every game-ending run and hit sealing catch.

Every swing of the bat, and pitch of the ball.

We miss the sideline banter, the screaming fans but most of all we miss you.

We want you to know You matter!

Your dreams matter. Your goals matter.

"Thank you for inviting the Sports Boosters to celebrate Our 2020 Senior Class. The parade was amazing and we appreciate being asked to participate. We miss all of our students/student athletes tremendously. We hope our Baseball and Trap Seniors enjoy their goodies and hope it can bring some joy in these trying times," said a spokesperson for the MCS Boosters.

MCS senior Cael Woodcock receives his pizza, goodies and message from MCS Boosters

Jessica Murray Woodcock Photos

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