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NNY Junior Bassmasters Club Presents Special Award

Updated: Sep 21, 2019


The Northern New York Bassmasters Club honored its top performers on Sunday at its annual awards banquet which will was held at the Ogdensburg Knights of Columbus Hall.

Drew Mills was honored as the High School Club's Angler of the Year and Lawson Robla was honored as the Junior Club's Angler of the Year. Mills scored 798 points on the club's tournament trail and Robla finished with 794 points.

Also presented at the banquet were: Allen J. O'Marah Sportsmanship, Leadership Awards and Top Fund-Raiser Awards and the Chuck Roach Memorial Hook Line and Sinker Awards and the Chuck Road Memorial T.E.A.M. Awards.

The Allen J. O'Marah Leadership Awards are presented to anglers who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills on and off the river. These anglers share their knowledge and love for fishing with others freely and always shave a smile to share.

This year's recipients are: Cooper Bennett who wrote a presentation on fishing for his classmates at Hammond Central School and Jacob Farley who stepped up and filled leadership roles whenever he was asked.

The Allen J. O'Marah Memorial Sportsmanship Awards went to Shea Langstaff, Ava LaFlair, Lawson Robla, Jackson Fortin, Jack Morley and Cain Kinney.

The Allen J. O'Marah Top Fund-Raiser Award went to Owen Kennedy who became the top fund-raiser for the club with the help of his grandparents, uncle and other family members.

Keighan Sias and Jed Farley received the Chuck Road Memorial Hook Line and Sinker Awards which go to anglers who are well rounded individuals who demonstrate membership responsibility, leading by example top their peers and strong Morals, good sportsmanship, a love of fishing and devotion to their communities.

Sias and his family took charge of the float for the Light Up The Night Parade and Farley always has a smile and was very good to the younger members while working hard with the Bassmaster Elites.


Black Lake (June 23): The Junior Club leaders were Hunter Spriggs and Jack Morley with 5.49 pounds followed by Cain Kinney and Cael McCarthy at 4.60 pounds, Jackson Fortin and Jacob Morrill at 4.54 pounds and Beau Friot at 4.35 pounds. t

The Lunker was caught by Hunter Spriggs with a 3.58 pound bass.

The Sportsmanship Award was presented to Rowyn Heaton.

High School Club leaders were: Drew and Jack Mills at 12.23 pounds followed by Ty and Chase Jacobs at 6.99 pounds and Griffin Walker and James Wilson at 6.16 pounds.

Drew Mills landed the Lunker Award with a 3.11 pound bass.

The Sportsmanship Award went to Cooper Bennett.

Lisbon Beach (July 21): The Junior Club leaders were Jacob Morrill at 14.98 pounds, Lawon Robla at 13.36 pounds, Rowyn Heaton at 11.56 pounds and Hunter Spriggs at 10.21 pounds. Hunter Spriggs landed the Lunker Award with a 5.74 bass.

Allison Bell was honored with the Sportsmanship Award.

The High School leaders were Drew Mills at 14.41 pounds followed by Connor Bell at 13.43 pounds and Chase Jacobs at 12.77 pounds.

Jack Mill landed the Lunker Award with a 4.90-pound bass.

the Sportsmanship Award was presented to Dan Davis.

The club members offered thanks to Mike O'Neil and his staff at Lisbon Beach for hosting an outstanding day.

Waddington (Aug. 4): Junior Club leaders were: Allison Bell at 14.40 pounds, Lawson Robla 13.89 pounds, Owen Ames 13.45 pounds and Rowyn Heaton 11.64 pounds.

Lawson Robla landed the Lunker Award with a 4.31 pound bass.

The Sportsmanship Award was presented to Ava LaFlair.

High School leaders were: Drew Mills at 14.61 pounds, Matt Kinney at 13.86 pounds, Connor Bell at 13.63 pounds.

Jacob Farley won the Lunker Award with a 4.3 pound bass.

The Sportsmanship Award went to Dakota Woods.

Patterson Street Ogdensburg (Sept. 8) : The Junior Club leaders were: First Place - Lawson Robla 14.55 pounds, Second Place - Owen Ames 10. 12,Third Place - Liam Langstaff 8.95 and Hunter Spriggs 8.51

Lunker Award -Lawson Robla 5 lb 81.

Sportsman Award - Blake Woods

The High School leaders were: First Place - Matt Kinney 13 lb 70, Second Place - Kamdyn Johnson 9 lb 93, Third Place - Drew Mills 8 lb 74.

The Lunker Award was landed by Kamdyn Johnson at 5.28 pounds.

The Sportsmanship Award was presented by Drew Piercey

The Lunker and Sportsman Award for the tournaments were donated by Hosmer's Marina and Bait Shop.


The Northern New York Jr Bassmasters would like to thank the volunteer boaters that make the club - James Moore, Chris Mills, Dr. Ogden, Aaron Charlton, Andy Friot, Dave Hollis, Rick Jacobs, Jonathan Robla, Billy Abt, Joe Sias, Mike Spriggs, Lorne Kinney, Jeremy Kinney, Ed Dillingham, James Kiah, Jordan Davis, Brett Heaton, Ritchie LaFlair, Drew Johnson, Al Piercey, Scott Walker, John & Sam Kingston, Dan McCarthy, Wes Francis, and Fred Morrill.

They would also like to say thank you to 2019 sponsor's in Robla's Carpet Care LLC, Swanie Entertainment Comedy Hypnotist, Hosmer's Marina & Bait Shop, Pepsi Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, Howland Pump and Supply, Bradley's Service Station, The Saint Lawrence Waterfowlers, Shannon Davis Lic. RE Associate Broker with Cross Keys Real Estate LLC, The Log Cabins, Jacobs Land Surveying, Flood Pro Water and Fire Restoration, Highline Communication, and Gajo.

Special thanks to Dallas Dogs ( Debbie & staff for always being with the club at the tournaments )

Thank you to all parents, grandparents, family members and the community for all the support to The Northern New Year Jr Bassmasters .

The Winner Of The NYS Lifetime Hunting License was club member Owen Kennedy's Uncle George Kennedy.

2020 Board members are: James Moore, Arlene Kiah, Sara Farley, Chris Mills, Shawna Charlton, Mike Spriggs, Ryan Griffith, Adam Wilson, Dave Hollis, Melissa Duprey, Tammy Ritchie, and Sommer Friot.

Drew Mills (left) and Dawson Robla were honored as the Jigh School Junior Club Anglers of the Year of the Northern New York Junior Bassmasters Club.

The NNY Junior Bassmasters Club presented Allen J. O'Marah Sportsmanship[ Awards to :Jack Morley, Shea Langstaff, Ava LaFlair, Lawson Robla, Jackson Fortin and Cain Kinney.

Special Allen J. O'Marah and Chuck Roach Memorial Awards wento DaKota Wodos, Keighan Sias, Jake Farley, Cooper Bennet and Jed Farley.

The award winners from the NNY Bassmasters Tournbament out of Ogdensburg.

The award winners from NNY Junior Bassmasters Club Tournament out of Waddington.

The award winners from the NNY Junior Bassmasters Club Tournament at Lisbon Beach.

The award winners from tne NNY Junior Bassmasters Club Tournament out of Black Lake.


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