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Northern Conference Soccer Awards Announced

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The Section 10 Athletic Office has announced the All Northern Conference Soccer Awards and Athletes of Distinction Awards for soccer.

Because many games were cancelled by the COVID-19 virus, no division championships were awarded and the All-NAC Awards consisted of First Team All-Stars and Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards.

The number of First Team All-Star awards for each team were determined by winning percentage.


Boys Soccer: First Team: George Webb, Sportsmanship: Wayne Palmer. Athletes of Distinction: Gavin Allen, Ajay Martin , George Webb.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Megan Ashley, Emma Russell, Kyla Phelan Sportsmanship - Lauren Schack-Sethlmeyer. Athletes of Distinction: Megan Ashley.

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction James Durant, Holly Goddard.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Trey Bessette, Chris Schuckers, Matt Haycook, Colin Taylor, Peter Coakley. Sportsmanship: Parker Hunt.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Hannah Reed, Ester Shipman, Hailee Duvall, Etta Coburn. Sportsmanship: Eden Williams-Bergen. CHATEAUGAY CENTRAL

Boys Soccer: First Team: Walker Martin, Austin Bickford, Sportsmanship: Stephen Dwyer.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Chloe Champagne, Olivia Cook, Cammi Champagne, Kylee Peterson, Jordyn Holbrook. Sportsmanship: Grace Jarvis. Athletes of Distinction: Emily Boadway, Cammi Champagne, Jordyn Holbrook, Rachael Jarvis.


Girls Soccer: First Team: Alexis Cuthbert, Abeni Payne, Issabelle Vaccaro, Landree Chamberlain, Kaitlin Houston, Sportsmanship: Jayleigh Jacot. Athletes of Distinction: Alexus Cuthbert, Abeni Payne.

Boys Soccer: First Team: Aiden Hoose, Chris Fisher, Logan Burns. Sportsmanship: Dalton Francis. Athletes of Distinction: Aiden Hoose,


Girls Soccer: First Team: Patricia, Lucy Frary, Hailey Matthews. Sportsmanhip: Dekoda Matthews. Athletes of Distinction: Lucy Frary, Hailey Matthews.

Boys Soccer: First Team: Avery Whitford, Andrew Franklin. Sportsmanship: Jared Lottie.


Girls Soccer: First Team: Laney Smith, Torie Salisbury, Elaina Lumley, Haylee Campbell, Breena Drake. Sportsmanship: Holly Barton. Athletes of Distinction: Haylee Campbell, Breena Drake, Reese Morenz.

Boys Soccer: First Team: Kyle Gaumes, Garrett. LeClair. Sportsmanship: Wyatt Holmes.

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction: Corryn Canell, William Schroeder, Kolby Wells.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Lukas McQueer. Sportsmanship: Matthew Hodgdon. Athletes of Distinction: Matt Hodgdon, Lukas McQueer, Logan Tate.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Avery Kenyon, Norah Pease, Hailey Cunningham, Zoey Cunningham, Hailey Manning. Sportsmanship: Brooklyn Arquitt. Athletes of Distinction: Caitlynn Cunningham, Hailey Cunningham, Jordabn Kloepping, Tori Martire, Norah Pease, Madeleine Rathbun.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Nathan Schmitt, Aiden Benzel. Sportsmanship: Zach Palmer. Athletes of Distinction: Nate Schmitt, Ben Taylor, Brady Hall, Aiden Benzel,

Girls Soccer: First Team: Torie Moore, Cadence Atkinson. Sportsmanship: Harlee Cook.


First Team: Peyton Hamilton, Kevin Joj, Randy Durham, Jacob Coller. Sportsmanship: Duncan Gillie, Peyton Hamilton. Athletes of Distinction: Duncan Gillie, Peyton Hamilton.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Audri Tehonica. Sportsmanship: Mariana Gladle. Athletes of Distinction: Brianna Grant, Abrielle Marcellus, Emery McQuade, Hannah Price, Allya Stevenson.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Matt Basford, Dustin Dodd, Josh Wrobel, Tristan Lovely. Sportsmanship: Andrew Demers. Athletes of Distinction: Andrew Demers, Dustin Dodd.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Grace Mills, Lara Martin, Bella Doyle. Sportsmanship: Emma LaFaver. Athletes of Distinction: Trista Ashley, Amber Cunningham, Lara Martin, Grace Mills, Dakota West.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Jackson LaRock, Teagan Jordan, Ben LaRock, Miles Gendebien, Greg Wood. Sportsmanship: Jayden Carr. Athletes Of Distinction: Tyler Gravlin,

Girls Soccer: Emily Jordan, Olivia McLear, Rachel LaRock, Grace Smith. Sportsmanship: Madisin-Main Pryce. Athletes of Distinction: Olivia McLear.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Brody VanBuren, Ethan Bailey, Jacob Morgan, Matthew Robinson, Matthew Reed. Sportsmanship: Luke LePage. Athletes of Distinction:

Girls Soccer: First Team: Grace Plumley. Sportsmanship: Caeleigh Burke.


Girls Soccer: First Team: Ryleigh McCauley, Abby Monette. Sportsmanship: Avery Bannon. Athletes of Distinction: Madison Ansari, Madison Kiefer, Jordan Pickering, Brooke Pritchard, Jacklynn Santamore,

Boys Soccer: First Team: Hans Schumacher, Harrison Hungerford, Jacob Lewis, Ryan Johnston. Sportsmanship: Evan Miller. Athletes of Distinction: Simon Dumas, Jordan Hall, Ryan Johnston, Trent King, Patrick Poupore, Tyler Snell

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction: Samantha Crossman, Carson Griffin, Nicholas Odey, Mykayla Pearson, Dylan Perry, Bethany Poirier, Tye Royal, Jenna Warner.


Girls Soccer: First Team: Elizabeth Rogers, Sabella Cromie, Caitlyn Reed, Brooke Terry. Sportsmanship: Madeline Brown. Athletes of Distinction: Madeline Brown, Shaylena Mandigo, Madison Ward.

Boys Soccer: First Team: Luke VanBorstel, Luke Bronchetti. Sportsmanship: Shea Scully. Athletes of Distinction: Jacob Bressard, Luke Bronchetti, Shakoronhioke:wen Jacobs, Dylan Lazore, Aidan MacKenzie, Sean Murphy, Luke Van Borstel.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Tristan Simmons, Jonah Witherhead, Kade Marshall. Sportsmanship: Seth Witherhead.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Emma Showers, Rylie Showers. Sportsmanship: Kassidy Sullivan. Athletes of Distinction: Rylie Showers, Kassidy Sullivan, Hailey Ward.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Matthew Simons, Hayden Bullock. Sportsmanship: Noah Dominy, Athletes of Distinction: Hayden Bullock, Joshua Larget, Ryan LaShomb, Clayton Reed, Matt Simons,

Girls Soccer: First Team: Keeley Ashley, Emma Wells. Sportsmanship: Shelby Vallance, Athletes of Distinction: Keely Ashley, Sydney Daniels, Saqmantha Munson, Emma Schiavone, Shelby Vallance, Emma Wells.

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction: Kiera Fetter, Owen Haas, David Scovil.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Karson LaRose, Holden Woods, Kam Johnson, Logan Horton. Sportsmanship: London Jackson. Athletes of Distinction: Eli Bullock, Karson LaRose, Keighan Sias,

Girls Soccer: First Team: Sadie O'Neil. Sportsmanship: Sadie O'Neil. Athletes of Distinction: Saige Estes, Emily Farrand, Jillian LeBeau, Jordyn Prosser, Emily Jo Sovie, Sadie O'Neil.

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction: Lexi Beaulieu, Mitchel McCarthy, Connor McRoberts, Makenzie Spicer.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Peyton Snell, Stuart Ayers, Burt Chevier, Caleb Knowles, Lawson Snell. Sportsmanship: Brandon Wilkes. Athletes of Distinction: Caleb Knowles, Peyton Snell, Brandon Wilkes.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Emma Bloom, Kelly Bloom, Kaitlin Kirk. Sportsmanship: Cassidy Phippen. Athletes of Distinction: Emma Bloom, Kelly Bloom.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Ansen Herrick. Sportsmanship: Michael Vadas.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Natalie Cowen, Kennedy Emerson, Katie Cowen, Sophia Compeau. Sportsmanship: Taylor Benda. Athletes of Distinction: Taylor Benda, Sophie Compeau, Katharine Cowen, Natalie Cowen, Megan Reichart-Saber, Keely Towne.

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction: Jessica Blanchard, Sky Crocker, Adam DiMarco, Abagail Hughes, Nathan McFarland, Ryan Shipp, Nicholas Wallace,


Boys Soccer: First Team: Jared Showen, PJ Ghostlaw, John Miller. Sportsmanship: Zach Durant. Athletes of Distinction: Gavin Cook-Avery, Zach Durant, Patrick Ghostlaw, Donovan Lauzon, John Miller, Levi Pyke.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Myanda Collette. Sportsmanship: Talynn Wylie. Athletes of Distinction: Myanda Collette, Kayla Cunningham, Wylie Tallyn.

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction: Brayden Smithey.


Girls Soccer: First Team: Trinity Hartson, Abagail Greguire. Sportsmanship: Leia-lani Dibble.

Boys Soccer: First Team: Derek Prevost, Sportsmanship: Garrett Moss.


Boys Soccer: First Team: Hayden Perkins, Alexander Burg, Gabe Hornung. Sportsmanship: Gabriel Knouse. Athletes of Distinction: Hayden Perkins.

Girls Soccer: First Team: Chantel McCarthy, Celeste Gardner. Sportsmanship: Garrett Moss.

Athletes of Distinction: Celeste Gardner, Chantel McCarthy, Kelsey Simonds.


Girls Soccer: First Team Libby Gillis. Sportsmanship: Molly Sullivan. Athletes of Distinction: Samantha Higgins, Alexis Staves, Molly Sullivan.

Cross Country: Athletes of Distinction: Brandon Bourdreau, Colby Bourdreau.

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