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"Old Goats", "Forever Young" Pauline lead Waddington 5K River Run-Walk


WADDINGTON - Noone enjoys coming home to Waddington for the Waddington Homecoming Weekend more than Austin Scott.

Scott, a Madrid-Waddington Central graduate who set school distance running records before moving on to all-regional in cross country and track-field career at Worcester Polytectic Institute, continues to the 5K River Rin-Walk one the highlghts of his weekend and that of group of WPI graduates running for the River Road Track Club.

The former WPI Goats teammates are also members Old Goats Club which competes very successfully at the very high level the Unites States Track-Field Federation eventsw in New England.

"I just love coming back here," said Scott after leading the field of the 5K River Run in 16:17 as the Men's 21-30 winner and leading a long string of River Road Track Club runners to the finish. Kyle Morris in 16:35 and and Lucas Roy in 16:53 led a 1-2-3 trifecta for the Men's 21-30 Division.

Scott currently works as a mechanical engineer in Worcester, Mass. and enjoys the opportunity to continue his competitive running career after college.

"Our club does very well. We run track-field and cross country races and we recently won the US Track-Field Federation New England Series."

Another WPI grad and member of the River Road and Old Ghosts Clubs Jasming Higurea Castillo led the Women's Field in 20:55.

"I have really enjoyed the weekend and this is a very good race," said Castillo.

While the "Old Ghosts" dominated the leaderboard the best race of the day was turned in by "Forever Young" Pauline Cantwell who continues to be revered in Waddington with rock star status after completing the course as the leader of the Women's 91-100 Division.

Area extreme distance runner Dan Dominie loves to see the WPI runners take part in the Waddington Homecoming Weekend 5K River Run-Walk.

"It's great to see the young runners here providing such great competition. That is the way it used to be at all the area races and it was always a lot of fun," said Dominie who recently competed the first stage of a cross country trek by running from Maine to his home in Canton.

"I am not sure when I will pick up the cross country run. I have a very busy August schedule and I am looking forward to running an off-road marathon in Old Forge which is staged on trails and old logging roads."

The Waddington race, hosted by the Waddington Volunteer Fire Department, continued to mirror Dominie's long distance longevity drawing a field of 159.

"Waddington is a very special place, People love to come home here which makes the race so successful," added Dominie.

Male division medalists at the Waddington 5K River Run-Walk.


Male 10 Under: Aiden Leo 27:05, Jamison Zysik 27:18, Andrew Auringer 32:36.

Female 10 Under: Addison McKnight 39:51.

Male 11-20: Richard Pandel 19:28, Sean Shannon 19:34, Justin Scott 19:36.

Female 11-20: Katie Cronin 24:02, Katrina Sheffield 27:32, Maria Allen 28:11.

Male 21-30: Austin Scott (overall male winner) 16:17, Kyle Morris 16:35, Lucas Roy 16:53. Female 21-30: Jasming Higurea Castillo (overall female winner) 20:55, Gwenyth Winship 21:14, Cassidy Scott 21:20.

Male 31-40: Steve Mastro 23:24, David Auringer 25:29, Corey LaVoe 26:00.

Female 31-40: Erica Preston 24:49, Wendy Strait 25:55, Jaquline Havens 26:14.

Men 41-50: Conrad Shantz 22:17, Jon Ryan 23:03, Timn Danehy 24:18.

Women 41-50: Cheryl Shantz 26:17, Wendy Jacobs 27:54, Ana Estavez 35:40.

Male 51-60: Allen Bradley 22:51, Frank Bateman 23:30, Kent Fetter 23:31.

Female 51-60: Jane McGrath 30:51, Kathy Buckwell 31:20, Connie DuPre' 32:11.

Male 61-70: Joe LaBarr 22:24, Rafeek Mohamed 23:22, Paul Preston 23:58.

Women 61-70: Kelly Lochoff, 29:40, Sara Hutcheson 38:11, Joanne Smith 42:11.

Male 71-80: Jim Pierce 31:02, Allen Mooney 48:36, John Auringer 49:04.

Women 71-80, Marion French 45:45:54, Eileen Auringer 48:49:01.

Women 91:100 - Pauline Cantwell 51:.07

Female medalists of Waddington Home Weekend 5K River Run-Walk.

Race medalists Austin Scott and Jasming Higurea Castillo.

Paulline Cantwell receivers medal as the leader of the very special 91-100 Women's Division.


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