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This site is dedicated to the memory of Chuck Kelly, longtime editor of The Journal and Advance News in Ogdensburg and the greatest newsman in the history of Northern New York.

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Perry Rolls 667; Can-Am Lead Tied


Standings; Fluffy Bunnies(49), Ogd. Bowl(49), Simplicity Salon(48.5), Sholette’s Liq.(46),

Bad Habits(45.5), Big Cheese(45.5), As Is Tradition(42.5), Larue & Pitcher(42),

Results: Fluffy Bunnies 2 – Bad Habits 2, As Is Tradition 3 – Sholette’s Liquors 1, Big Cheese 0 – Simplicity Salon 4, Larue & Pitcher 1 – Ogd. Bowl 3

Schedule: Bad Habits vs. Big Cheese, Simplicity Salon vs. Fluffy Bunnies, Sholette’s Liquors vs. Larue & Pitcher, Ogd. Bowl vs. As Is Tradition.

High Scores: Tim Perry 667, Steve Marlow 611, Reg Mclear 548, Mike Horton 543, Kyle Lipinsky 532, Chris Rotramel 530, Rob Edie 523, John Griffith 522.

Splits: 5,7: Rob Edie, Elijah Downie, 4,5:  Reg Mclear, Al Lingard, 3,7: Elijah Downie

2,7:  Dave Robillard, Peter Smithers, James Sieja; 3,9,10:   Al Lingard, 3,10: Steve Marlow(x2), Don Woods, 2,5,7:  Josh Goodman.