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Richer Rolls 262-734 In Suburban No Tap League

FRIDAY SUBURBAN NO TAP LEAGUE Standings: Aces and Eights 23-9, Dilligaf 23-9, Pick Up Squad 21-11, No-tap, No Keg 16-16, Strickland Propane 13-19 Schedule: 12 Aces and Eights, 14 Pick Up Squad, 16 Strickland Propane, 18 Dilligaf, 20 No-tap, No Keg Scores: Nate Richer 262-734, Gerald Sovie 254-691, Jason Sovie 247-686, Chris Cryer 218-649, Jim Downs 227-616, Dan Herne 229-587, Ed Chambers 250-583, Gene Barr 219-573, Other highlights: Stephen Dawley 182, Matt George 206, John Roach 213 Splits: Spencer Woodard 4-7-10, Andy Mitchell 2-7, John Roach 3-10

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