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Richer's 642 Leads Suburban League


Standings: Sully's 34-22, Aces and Eights 31-25, SH Electric 25.5-30.5, BJ'S 21.5-34.5 Schedule: 1-2 Sully's vs Aces and Eights, 3-4 BJ'S vs SH Electric  Scores: Nate Richer 223-642, Ed Chambers 202-570, Andy Mitchell 199-551, Jim Tyo 182-525, Jordan Murdock 162-474, Elijah Downie 157-455, Other highlights: Stephen Dawley 145 Splits: Nate Richer 3-9-10, Andy Mitchell 2-7, Elijah Downie 3-10, Stephen Dawley 5-10 12/20/19 Will be the final week of the first segment.  League note: The second segment of the Suburban League will begin on Friday January 3rd at 7:00pm. Any teams that would like to join up for the second 15 week segment are welcome to do so. Teams are made up of 4 bowlers and can be all male, female or mixed. Cost is 15.00 a bowler per week. If you have any questions please contact Andy Mitchell at 315-528-1925.