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Section 10 IssueD Directions For Return To Sports

Lisbon Central School Boys Soccer Coach has issued on update on the directives from the Section 10 Task Force for schools to move forward to the fall season. The following information was provided to her coaches by Lisbon Athletic Director Erika Backus.


Yesterday, the Section Task Force met and covered a large amount of the logistics in order to move forward with a Fall Season. Please keep in mind the goal with all of this is to provide opportunities for our students, maintain safety, and to follow the NYSPHSAA Return to Interscholastic Athletics Guidance Document. Thursday, September 24th, we will have a Section AD meeting and a Virtual Coaches meeting will take place this week as well. When I get the time for the Section Coaches meeting, I will share that information with you.

Below are notes from yesterday's meeting regarding soccer. It was determined that Section Wide the number of players per team (at the Modified, JV and Varsity level) for all games (home and away) will be 20.

Please understand that districts may field teams of any number for practices, but for all home and away games - rosters will be limited section-wide to 20 (teams will have to document this via the roster/gate list forms that will also include who their two spectators will be). By limiting the number to 20, this meets the Guidance Document limitations for social distancing. Looking at it numerically (20 players - each with 2 spectators - two teams = 120 people). Please note this will for both home and away games. If you have any questions regarding this..please let me know.

Masks must be worn at all times by athletes, coaches, and spectators. Varsity teams - boys and girls - will receive 20 Section X masks for their team. These will be worn as part of the uniform. Modified teams - individual schools will purchase masks for players.

Cleaning...all items must be cleaned at the conclusion of every practice.

Modified teams will be playing schedules regionally. The goal with the modified teams is to limit the travel. As some districts have not verified their teams, this schedule is not finalized. For us, it looks like we could play OFA, Heuvelton, Morristown/Hammond.

Michelle and Travis - please let me know if Wednesday 9/23 at 4:00 will work for both of you to meet regarding Modified seasons. We will meet in the big gym.

Please note that classifications at this time are not a priority. The fact that we would have moved to a C based on BEDs numbers for playoffs is not going to be a factor for the fall season.

Again, please know that not all sections statewide are moving forward with fall sports. We have this opportunity to make this work, but have a number of guidelines that we all need to follow. I am putting together more information for our parents and athletes that will go out tomorrow.


Sidelines - No benches - Individual chairs - 6ft apart - per Guidance Document “No linear bench area, adjust backward from the touch line”.

No team huddles

No team handshakes

No team grouping

No team tents allowed

Size of Teams - Schools may field a team of any number for practices, but for all home and away games - Section size of Team will be 20 only. (For all levels - Mod, JV, and Varsity).

-Page 14 - NYSPHSAA Guidance Document - Schools should limit game day team/roster sizes for social distancing purposes.

20 - Section wide - For Roster/Gate list - Transportation

If a school has more than 20, those players not on the roster for the game can serve as game ball people (but must be documented as a spectator on the gate list).

Masks - Masks required - by players, coaches, spectators at all times

Each Varsity athlete will receive 1 competition Section X Mask (Boys and Girls)

Each School will receive 20 game masks for athletes.

Modified teams - Districts will need to order masks for the athletes. Carl has provided a number of mask options that can be purchased.

Substitution Area - Options - Flag used to signal officials of substitution. Painted circle, hula hoop, Cones - 6ft apart

Hand Sanitizer for athletes going on/off field

Sanitizer - Each bench should have Sanitizer, Score table

Player Recommendation - Gallon Zip Lock Bag - Extra Mask, Sanitizer, Bottle Water

Water - No water coolers allowed - bottled water - Host school provide bottled water if possible

Porta Potties - Allowed, but must be cleaned nightly

Soccer Goalies - Extra gloves - Not allowed to spit on gloves. If they touch soccer goal posts - will have to disinfect goal posts following practices and games.

Ball Out of Bounds - Soccer - Will need a number of ball people - Ball will be kicked back in to play - not thrown in. Recommendation - ball people wear gloves - cleaning area (bucket with clorox/water) or some kind of cleaning substance to clean ball if touched by hands

Screening Checklist - Form for officials who are working the game

Signage - Masks, Socially Distanced, Safety

Spectators - per Guidance Document - Limit spectators to TWO per player. Must have masks.

Gate List - Section will develop a gate list form - will include Roster, Coaches, Spectator List

When attending away event - visiting team must also provide the list to home staff/team

No parent groups - congregations - during game/after game/near team benches/near buses

Socially distance spectators


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