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Bowl II ties for See-Way Slo-Pitch Lead; Website Created

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Ogdensburg Bowl II earned a share of first place in the See-Way Slo-Pitch Men's Softball League with a 19-4 over the Moose Lodge in a decision which left both teams at 7-3. The other games of the night saw Ogdensburg Bowl (8-4) outscore Mack's Tavern (3-7) 26-21 and Sipps (4-6) dropped Howie's (3-7) 10-4.

Bowl II 19 - Moose 4: The Bowl II pulled away with a barrage of extra base hits led by: Peyton Lalone (triple, double, 2 singles), Seth Douglass (homerun, single), John Denio (double, 2 singles), Justyn McCormick (double, 2 singles), and Scott McCormick (2 doubles, 2 singles).

The Moose countered with a homerun and a single by Josh Lassial, a double and a single by Pete LaBella and Justin Martell and two singles by Joe Brenno.

Sipps 10 - Howie's 4: Eric Barr and Matt Denner each singled three times and Brett Bailey doubled twice for Sipps. Tyler Brothers doubled and singled. Dave Kiah drilled two doubles and a single for Howie's, Andrew DeDekker tripled and singled and John Reed singled twice.

Ogd Bowl 26 - Mack's 21: The winners struck for seven runs in the third inning and eight in the fourth powered by Pat Cosmo (homerun, double, 2 singles), Dylan Reed (triple, single), Lefty Arsenault (homerun, double, single), Colin Trathen (2 homeruns, 2 singles), Chris Frary (homerun, 2 singles), Kyle Bouchard (2 doubles, single)., Jay Heaton (double, 2 singles).

Mack's featured: Shane Tiernan (2 homeruns, double, single), Jesse Murray (4 singles), Harrison VanBuren (homerun, 2 singles), Mike Stoner (triple, single) and Mike Thew (3 singles).

League Standings: Moose Lodge 7-3, Ogd Bowl II 7-3, Ogdensburg Bowl 6-4, Sipps 4-6, Mack's Tavern 3-7, Howie's 3-7.

Friday: JP - 6 p.m. - Howie's at Ogd Bowl, 7:15 p.m. - Sipps at Moose. BP - 6 p.m. - Bowl II at Mack's.


Kyle Bouchard has created a new website for the men’s see-way slo-pitch softball league. He will be updating it constantly with league news, game scores, league standings, league schedules, and playoff schedules. There is also a section that lists past champions and their team pictures dating back to 2010.

Game reports from oldschoolsportsnny website will also be found on the site.

"I figured this would be a cool, one-stop place for everything to do with the men’s softball league," said Bouchard.

The Link for the site is

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