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Sovie Rolls 623 In Youth Bowling


Senior League 

Standings: Bills 45-15, Broncos 38-22, Chiefs 33.5-26.5, Ravens 33-27, Seahawks 30.5-29.5

Schedule: 1-2 Bills vs Broncos, 3-4 BYE vs Seahawks, 5-6 Ravens vs Chiefs 

Top 10: Lee Sovie 245-623, Ryan Mitchell 190-510, Alex Mitchell 168-498, Jeb Sellers 166-410, Nathaniel Mills 201-407, Tristan Adams 161-383, Nick Carter 141-368, Melody George 115-325, Leah Taylor 117-325, Hunter Joanette 129-300

Little League 

Standings: Ninjas 30-15, Teen Titans 25-20, Lucky Ducks 23-22, House of Cards 22-23, Fortnite 20.5-24.5, Pokemon 14.5-30.5

Schedule: 13-14 Lucky Ducks vs Fortnite, 15-16 House of Cards vs Pokemon, 17-18 Teen Titans vs Ninjas 

Scores: Rebecca Rivers 122-228, Dawson Mashaw 106-177, Brayden Lust 84-167, Caleb Bennett 84-162, Sophie Cryer 85-161, Caylee Ford 91-158, Navaeh House 79-149, Brody Montroy 83-148, Tyler Bennett 90-148, Nathan Bennett 95-148, Brody Lust 84-146, Noah Bennett 74-144, Auriannah House 92-142, Elizabeth Brothers 72-134, Hayden Cryer 70-114, Larissa Redmond 67-110, Easton Ashley 58-110

Strike Club: Caleb Bennett (2), Rebecca Rivers (2), Auriannah House, Navaeh House (3), Brayden Lust (2), Tyler Bennett (3), Sophie Cryer, Dawson Mashaw (2)

Spare Lounge: Logan Bennett, Elizabeth Brothers, Bryan Lust, Brody Lust, Noah Bennett, Nathan Bennett, Caylee Ford, Brody Montroy, Hayden Cryer

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