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Strong Field Set For John Durr 2-Man Golf Invitational

The Honest John Durr Fall 2-man invitational filed is set to tee off Sunday at the State Park Course in Ogdensburg. This annual tournament raises funds for the John Durr Memorial Scholarship Fund which has supported over 50 graduating seniors for over $50,000 in its 17 years of existence.

If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, contributions can be mailed to the attention of Scott Lalone, 418 Pleasant Avenue, Ogdensburg NY 13669.

A brief preview of the field is below.

C. Ladouceur K. Johnson 4 to 1 Last year's runner up and folks Chucky deadly and a favorite from any tee box

J. Vanhouse N. McRoberts 5 to 1: Jake with a strong summer showing at SLU and last year’s State Park Champ as well

R. Hazelton A. Hanni 5 to 1 Haz was in the winner's circle 2 years ago and always a threat with that complete game

T. Cobb P. Haley 5 to 1 Cobby winner two of last three years and senior partner sneaky long and accurate

J. Hooper T. Hollander 6 to 1 Hoop winner of some Pro V's in many 4-man and looking for a 2-man title to add to his titles

G. Hooper K. Hooper 6 to 1 Father-son combo steady in all areas and very familiar with the local course

B. Kelley A. Kelley 6 to 1 brother combo very athletic and may bring a Golden Knight flavor to the title this year

D. Bracy N. Cobb 6 to 1 Always a contender just looking for a breakthrough in this tournament

S. McRoberts J. McRoberts 7 to 1 Runner up in a playoff two years ago and hope to show the young guns they can play

JK O'Grady S. Murray 7 to 1 Another Golden Knight duo looking to go home with the Pro V's and possibly a long hole skin

J. Fredericks T. Smith Sr. 8 to 1 Interesting duo that will be heard all over the course in a variety of ways

M. Murdock K. Berg 8 to 1 A contender here and would be even higher ranked if tourney at Deerfield

M. Gagnon B. Reed 8 to 1 Bucket red hot off the reservation and hoping Gagger is healthy and gets a ride to the course

T. Luckie M. Martin 8 to 1 Luckie looking for a good fall run before cleaning up some nagging injuries

M. Powers J. Howard 8 to 1 Coach Howard always sniffing around skins and the duo know each others game very well

G. Beaulieu G. Adams 10 to 1 George squared squad will be discussing pin placements all day long

A. Dedekker R. Clifford 15 to 1 Can softball long turn into golf ball long (and straight?)

J. Rogers Jo. Rogers 15 to 1 Another Father-son entry that would be top seed in a HORSE hoop shooting contest for certain

R. Wright M. Gooley 15 to 1 Could be a good sleeper at these odds and playing partners will be looking for strokes

T. Mashaw M. Mashaw 15 to 1 Will lead the tournament in one category for certain – one-liners

B. McGrath M. Bressett 15 to 1 Longtime partners and participants in this tournament will get their name on a marker like always

J. Kroeger K. Kroeger 15 to 1 Brother duo entry also a good sleeper at these odds as Keven capable of going low any round

D. Reed J. Wallace 15 to 1 Dylan looks to become first scholarship-tournament winner

D. Shea E. Barr 15 to 1 Doctor red hot off senior league title with Cobby and North Country travel circuit and Eddy always steady

R. Farrell P. Farrell 20 to 1 Another Father son entry who after reading above would like to enter the HORSE challenge as well

J. Ferguson M. Elliott 20 to 1 Mailman duo looking to deliver a strong putting game or at least a free foursome prize trip

C. Fitzgerald J. Hutchins 20 to 1 Duo look forward to Durr tournaments all year long and been known to find a skin or prize along the way

D. Sutton P. Farrand 20 to 1 Dallas strong supporter of tournament and duo been known to add a highlighted shot for a laugh each outing

P. Hand D. Hubsch 24.5 to 1 Durr tournament permanent fixtures a slight favorite over their counterparts so offering a stroke this year rumor has it

S. Lalone M. Herzog 25 to 1 Much better at running golf tournaments and leagues than scoring in them


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