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Miami Only 2-0 Starter In OBGC Elementary Touch Football

Miami was the only 2-0 starter in an exciting first week of the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club Elementary Touch Football League.

Tuesdays Games

Game 1: Miami 70 – Syracuse 63

In the first game of the 2019 OBGC Elementary Football League Miami was led by Travus Howe who scored three touchdowns in the win and followed by JP Decker who caught two touchdowns of his own. Also finding the endzone were Lance LaRose, Brody Barrett, Jack Morley and Luca LaBella. Trenton Johnson and Colt O’Brien led the way for Syracuse with two touchdowns each. Franklin Barr, London Davock, Cruz O’Brien, Julia Ives and Cam Javier all scored one for the orange.

Game 2: Virginia 91 – Clemson 91

Virginia was able to erase a two touchdown lead in the second half to ensure a tie to Clemson. The Cavaliers were led by Caelum Rider and Gavin Moran who each scored three touchdowns. Adam Rose and Noah White scored twice. Rounding out the scoring effort for Virginia was Cormac Rider, Kayle St. Germain and Ian Rose. The tigers were led by Blake Ashley who scored three touchdowns and also threw a touchdown pass to his younger brother Callan. Urijah Austin played great defense and also found the endzone three times. Isiah Warner, Callan Ashley, Lance Law, Blake Woods and Nate Sholette all scored for Clemson.

Game 3: Clemson 84 – Syracuse 70

Clemson was able to hang onto a two touchdown lead late in second half and they were led by Isiah Warner, Blake Ashley, Blake Woods and Nate Sholette all with two touchdowns each. Kamden Bresett, Aiden McLean and William Laflair scored their first touchdowns on the season and Urijah Austin added one as well. Syracuse put the pressure on hard in the second half but came up short. Trenton Johnson had three touchdowns followed by Frank Barr with two. Leland Lennox, Jamar Richey, Julia Ives and Cam Javier all found the endzone once.

Game 4: Miami 105 – Virginia 91

Sixteen different players scored in this fast pace game where Miami edged Virginia in the finals minutes. Brody Barrett scored three times followed by Lance LaRose, Connor Small, JP Decker and Jack Morley all with two touchdowns each. Travus Howe, Liam Coen, Lucca LaBella and Kaden Pray eached added one score. Noah White and Adam Rose led the Cavaliers with three touchdowns each. Brothers Chase and Caelum Rider followed with two and Kayle St. Germain, Gavin Moran and Ian Rose all added one.

Players of the Week

Offensive- Caelum Rider & Travus Howe.

Defensive- Liam Coen & Lucca LaBella.

Sportsmanship- Franklin Barr & Isiah Warner


Teams W L T BP TP

Miami 2 0 0 2 6

Clemson 1 0 1 2 5

Virginia 0 1 1 2 3

Syracuse 0 2 0 2 2

Next Game

Thursday, October 1st -

3:20 Miami vs. Clemson

3:50 Syracuse vs. Vir


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