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Catfish Top, Tough Catch At Festival Children's Derby

Updated: Jul 21, 2019


Amelia Bell had her hands full on Saturday when she hooked into a sizeable catfish during the 2019 Ogdensburg International Seaway Festival Children's Derby which was staged in the Oswegatchie River in Crescent Park on Saturday.

And she handled the situation well reeling a 27.5 whiskered aquatic creature which took top honors the annual event. Brooklyn Smaciak took second with a 15-inch Freshwater Drum and Victoria LaRock took third with an 8.5 inch bullhead and Khloee Fraser took fourth with with a 8.25 inch rock bass.

The Most Unusual Catch went to Lincoln Abbrid who caught a snapping turle.

"According to the rules of the Children's Fishing Derby the participants have to reel in the fish on their own. Amelia did a great job. She fought that fish for 15 minutes and got it in," said Children's Fishing Derby Director Angel Maroney.

"We had a great day today."

Rock bass proved to be the fish of the day with rockies of all sizes producing a steady stream of anglers to the measurement station where Northern New York Junior Bassmasters Club member Jacob Farley was kept very busy carefully removing hooks and releasing fish back into the water.

"Many years ago I was at the derby and Bob Seymour was checking in fish. He told me that I was on charge now and I have been doing it ever since," said Greg Denny who co-directs the St. Lawrence Valley Sportsman's Club's Walleye and Smallmouth Bass Derby.

"Today I put Jacob (Farley) in charge and he did a great job. He was great with all of the kids. And we had a great derby and this is a really nice place to have it. The kids caught a lot of fish and all kinds of fish. And nobody caught any gobies."



Amelia Bell 27.5" catfish Brooklyn Smaciak 15" freshwater drum, Victoria LaRock 8.5" rock bassm Khlooe Fraser 8.25" bullhead, Sawyer Denny 7.5" rock bass, Graham Hess 7.5" rock bass, Jed Farley 7.5" rock bass, Harry Switzer 7" rock bass, Nicholas Henry 6.5" rock bass, Madujsinb Henry 6.5" smallmouth bass.

The four and the mosut unusual catches at Saturday's Seaway Festival Children's Fishing Derby earned triphies and their choice of prizes. In front are: Sawyer Denny, Ameloa Bell and Lincoln Abbrid. In back are: Victoria LaRock, Brooklyn Smaciak Fraser.

Amelia Bell with the help of her dad, Matt Bell (back) and derby volunteer Jacob Farley displays a 27.5" catfish which placed first in the Seaway Festival Children's Derby on Saturday.

Lincoln Ledwith wikth the help of his grand father Ricky Ledwith checks in a snapping derby at the Seaway Festival Children's Derby on Saturday. The turtle earned the Most Unusual Catch award and was quickly returned to the Oswegatchie River.

Brooklyn Smaciak brings a freshwater drum to the measuring station which placed second at Saturday's Seaway Festival Children's Derby.


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